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Mosalman Yazdi
Personal Rank 3

Curriculum Vitae - Mosalman Yazdi

Súčasné zamestnanie: Shamsta


Amir Kabir Iranian Research Institute consists of a group of industry and university experts who officially started their activities in the field of education and research services to industrial centers and organizations in 2013 from Yazd Science and Technology Park, so that in these years in the field of research education. Has paid attention to faculty members and graduate students in many universities and research centers in the country, and according to the experiences of its members in the field of research and its application in industry by identifying problems with the relationship between specialists, craftsmen and industry owners and In order to help introduce the needs of industry, industrial centers, research and industrial achievements as well as complete services to the field of industry, has designed and implemented a comprehensive industrial system Shamsta (virtual accelerator of manufacturing, research and education) to provide significant service to industrial society of the country and reduce the negative effects of global arrogance sanctions. This industrial platform can now be mentioned as the most comprehensive industrial services platform in the country with four virtual online exhibitions and offering twelve services. In different sections, this system displays the required parts of different industries, introduces the centers providing industrial services, parts made in the country and industrial devices in online virtual exhibitions, and provides consulting services, technical services, specialists and researchers, investment, job search. And internships as well as job seekers in other sectors providing industrial services to users. In this way, it will accelerate the industrial progress of the country and reduce costs and increase the communication between specialists and industrial centers. It is hoped that this system can be used by the industrial community of the country

Február 2019 - Súčasnosť