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Mehrdad Jahandideh Kazempour
Personal Rank 3
Contractual Affairs Deputy | Persia

Curriculum Vitae - Mehrdad Jahandideh Kazempour

Contractual Affairs Deputy | Persia
Súčasné zamestnanie: Persia
Stavebný priemysel

Hľadám prácu
Mehrdad Jahandideh Kazempour : Project Manager ; Project Cost Control Manager ; QMS Lead Auditor
Lokalita: Iran | Stavebný priemysel
Druh pracovného pomeru: Hlavný pracovný pomer
Zručnosti a špecializácie: Marketing Plan, Business Plan, Sales Engineering ...
Získané certifikáty: IRCA QMS Auditor/Lead Auditor and Internal Auditor, System Thinking, Usage it’s in Management Consultation and Consultation Management, Sales Engineering ...


Company name
Project name

1-POGID Co. (Naft-o-Gas Persia)
Position/Field/Job: Contractual Affairs Deputy
North of Yaran Oil Field
Mar. 2014 Up to now
Including Mansori Oil Field (Phase II)

2-SINOPEC Contractor
Position/Field/Job: Project Cost Control & Planning Manager
Oil Distribution System-FILMS Project (EPCC)-Phase One- Yadavaran Oil Field Development Project (Ahwaz)
Jan.2013 Up to Mar. 2014
Remark: FILMS (Flow lines, Infield lines, Manifold Stations) with 44 Oil Wellheads.(Civil Work, Steel Structure, UG Pipeline, AG Piping, Electrical, Instrument, Pre-com & Commissioning)

3-Fara Sahel(SAFF) Co.
Position/Field/Job: Planning & Claim Consultant
Project Name: Phase 14 - Onshore Portion:Civil Work-Piping (UG& AG) - Equipment Installation
5 Apr. 2013 up to 2014
Remark-location: SOUTH PARS GAS FIELD DEVELOPMENT, PHASE 14, Area (10A, 10B & 10C)

4-Gamma Co.
Position/Field/Job: Planning, ISO 10006 Auditor & Consultant
Onshore Facilities (SC4)
Steel Structure , Tank ,Civil Work-Piping (UG& AG) - equipment Installation
Jan.2013 up to now
Remark- Project Type: PC Location: South Pars Gas Field Development - Phase 19 Onshore Facilities(SC4)

5-Tarh Afarinesh Co.
Position/Field/Job: Project Cost Control & Planning Manager
International Imam Khomeyni Hotels: 1-Ibis 2-NOVOTEL (Design , Architecture ,Civil Work, HVAC, Electrical )
Jun 2012 to Jan. 2013
Project Type: EPC 500 Rooms (50,000 m2) Under ACCOR Supervision (France License)

6-Emarat e Khorshid Co.
Position/Field/Job: Project Cost Control & Planning Manager
Historical Buildings & Architecture Projects in mentioned Company
Mar.2011 to Sep.2012
Project Type:EPC Emarat-e-Masoudieh Palace

7-CAPE Engineering Group
Position/Field/Job: Planning & Project Control Adviser
Up Stream & drilling (Geology Studies, seismic, MDP, FEED & Tender documents preparation)
20 Oct. 2010 to 20 Mar.2011
Project Type:EPC Ahwaz Oil Project Darkhovin Phase 3

8-Parsoomash Oil Kish(POIL) Co.
Position/Field/Job: Project Cost Control & Planning Manager
Procurement Engineering Cement & Acid additives (for Oil Drilling Operations)
24 Sep.2009 to 20 Dec. 2010
Project Type: Procurement (P)

9-Asaak Nafta Engineering & Construction
Position/Field/Job: Project Cost Control & Planning Manager
Construction: Civil Work Asaloyee (area 1)
Jul. 2008 to 20 Jun.2009
Remark -location: South Pars Gas Field Development - Phase 15 &16 Onshore Portion

10-Firuz Kooh Cement Co.
Position/Field/Job: IMS Project Manager & BE Manager
Integrated Management System based on: QMS, EMS & Safety
23 Sep.2006 to 2 Jul.2008
Remark: IMS-QHSE - Firuz Kooh Cement Co. is a cement manufacture (Tehran)

11-Milad-e-Noor Co.
Position/Field/Job: Planning Deputy
Project Des. : Exhibit Projects
22 Dec.2005 to 25 Aug.2006
Remark: Exhibit Projects in Trading company

12-Rayco Technique Co.
Position/Field/Job: Project Cost Control & Planning Manager
Project: Steel Structure (Rack, Pipe Rack & Shelter)
2004 to Nov.2005
Project Type: PC (The mentioned company is POGC Subcontractor)

13-Kompass Iran
Position/Field/Job: Engineering Services Dep. Manager
Project: R & D Projects
Jul.2000 to May2003
Remark: R & D Projects

14-Industrial Boutan Co.
Position/Field/Job: R&D Expert in HRM
R & D Projects in human resource management
Dec. 1999 to 23 Jun. 2000
Product: Macro Wave Manufacturing

15-Range Faraz Co.
Position/Field/Job: QA Responsible
Quality Assurance
Dec. 1998 to Jul. 1999
Remark- Productions: Industrial Paints

16-ETKA Org. - Planning Deputy
Position/Field/Job: Planning & Production Expert
Production Planning
Mar. 1997 to Nov.1998
Remark: * During military service

17-Rayan Saipa Co.
Position/Field/Job: Strategic Planning & BE
Planning - Integrated Management System Business Excellency
Projects: A) EFQM : Upgrading 3 to 4 Stars B)QMS : ISO 9001:2008 transition

Contractual Affairs Deputy
Zručnosti a špecializácie
Marketing Plan
Sales Engineering
Microsoft Project
Primavera 6.0
BPI based on Harrington Model
Process Engineering & Methodologies
SA 8000 (Social Accountability)
ISO 10002:2004(CSM)
ISO 10015:1999 (Training)
OHSAS 18001:2007 (HSE)
ISO 14001:2004(EMS)
ISO 9001:2008 (QMS)
ISO/TS 29001:2007 (QMS in petroleum , petrochemical and natural gas industries or sections)
ISO 21500:2012(Guidance on Project Management)
ISO 10006:2003 (Guidelines for quality management in projects)
Integrated Management Systems & Standards
Business Excellence Models
Risk Assessment
Procurement Engineering
Construction Extension to the PMBOK® Guide 2000 Edition

IRCA QMS Auditor/Lead Auditor and Internal Auditor
System Thinking, Usage it’s in Management Consultation and Consultation Management
Sales Engineering
ISO 9000 Internal Audit
ISO 9000:2000 Series Auditor/Lead Auditor
Claim Management
Master degree , Operations & Production Management
1999 - 2002

Ďalšie informácie
Zvláštne schopnosti
Organizational Pathologist ; QMS Lead Auditir ; Senior Cost Control; Project Planning ; EVM
Lead Auditor ; High experience
Tennis ; Watching movies ; Walking ; Jogging
Persian ; English