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Kamal Thakur
Personal Rank 5
CEO (Chief Executive Officer) | Cerebrum Infotech

Curriculum Vitae - Kamal Thakur

CEO (Chief Executive Officer) | Cerebrum Infotech
Súčasné zamestnanie: Cerebrum Infotech


Kamaldeep Thakur, CEO at Cerebrum Infotech, helps the organization develop innovative products that make a difference in clients' businesses. His 11+ years in the business helps him lead a multi-disciplinary development team.

Kamaldeep's ability to strategize the full lifecycle of product production, from conception through release, makes him an ideal product manager. Kamal's responsibilities include:
>Analyze market trends
>Execute actions that align with the organization's strategy
>Provide key roadmap themes
>Produce thorough feature specifications
>Lead meetings of product teams
>Define requirements for design and engineering teams
>Measure business impact of launches

Kamaldeep Thakur is responsible for taking ideas from clients, peers, executives, plus his own ideas to push the product forward. In his leadership, Kamaldeep has come up with many new products, such as Education Management System, Fleet Management System, Conference Management Suite, Ride and rental apps, On-demand food delivery apps, On-demand Home Services apps, Hospital Management app, to name a few. It is with Kamaldeep's forward-thinking and problem-solving expertise that the company has happy clients across the globe.