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Joaquin Fagundo
Personal Rank 3
CEO (Chief Executive Officer) | Joaquin Fagundo
Washington DC,US

Curriculum Vitae - Joaquin Fagundo

CEO (Chief Executive Officer) | Joaquin Fagundo
Súčasné zamestnanie: Joaquin Fagundo
Washington DC,US
Informačné a komunikačné služby a priemysel (ICT)


Joaquin Fagundo is a Technical executive who develops and maintains the computer and information systems of mid-size to larger corporations. He is the Director, Project Manager, and Consultant in Parkland, FL, United States. Joaquin Fagundo is a proven business leader with a deep background in technological services. He has shown his success in building great companies, assembling world-class management teams, and reinvigorating culture while delivering a strong record of metrics-driven performance. His focus on accountability and profitable growth make him the right choice to lead the Organization.

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