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David Griffin
Personal Rank 3
casino systems expert.
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Curriculum Vitae - David Griffin

casino systems expert.
Súčasné zamestnanie: WebGameDev
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Informačné a komunikačné služby a priemysel (ICT)


I am a casino systems expert. I'm searching for glitches, winning chances and being fair to players at online casinos and slot machines apps at application and user-level. I'm still writing on this blog. My analysis is based on my own gaming experience, is often impartial and does not focus on company owners.
I'm working on WebGameDev. We are dedicated to the development of the most advanced online gaming platform software. About a new round in developing games in particular: online casinos and slot machines.
I test online casino applications to ensure the chance for users to win is stable and fair etc.

Computer applications software engineer
WebGameDev LLC
Zručnosti a špecializácie
Web Design And Development | Latest Tools | Benefits of Web Design & Development
UI Design
University of British Columbia
Univerzita Britské Kolumbie
Master , Computer Sciences
2012 - 2018

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Swimming, exercises, guitar play, beaches, chess, applications and technical advancement.
English, France, Ukrainian