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Onboarding checklist
Published at: 05/25/2022,
An onboarding checklist is a list of tasks that must be completed before and during the onboarding of a new employee.

RACI-VS Matrix
Published at: 10/11/2020,
RACI-VS responsibility matrix is ised to assign and display the responsibility of individuals on processes, tasks or activities. It says who is responsible, who provides advice, who is to be informed, who verifies and sign-off the activity.

McKinsey Matrix (GE Matrix)
Published at: 10/01/2020,
McKinsey matrix is an analytical technique used to evaluate the status of the organization in a particular field or industry.

DACI Matrix
Published at: 09/28/2020,
The DACI matrix is used to assign and display the responsibilities of individual persons or jobs when making decisions.

Office management
Published at: 09/26/2020,
Office management includes all activities and processes that are the part of routine support administration activities in the company.

Office manager
Published at: 09/26/2020,
Office manager is responsible for the operation of the office, which include all administrative activities.

Administrative skills
Published at: 09/26/2020,
Administrative skills are those skills that are needed to perform administrative, clerical activities.

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