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What is Website
Website (web page) is a designation of a document with information, which is accessible through a Web Browser, presented for the visitor with aesthetic and legible way, and tored so that they are available to more users who access them via the Internet.

Website (web page) is a designation of a document with information, which is:

  • accessible through a web browser
  • presented for the visitor with an aesthetic and legible way
  • stored so that they are available to more users who access them via the Internet

Web pages may consist of a few lines of plain text or an interconnected system of texts, images, or other multimedia content. An important feature of Web pages is that they can be mutually interlaced (referenced) due to the fact that each individual page has its own unique address.

Users can get to the website so that they write directly to the web browser its address or search for the desired Website using one of the search engines.

Use of the website in practice: Websites are now a key part of the promotion of enterprises and organizations, and on the other hand, a great source of information. Some websites may be available to a limited number of visitors (for example, pages with paid content or pages within a private corporate network, such as Intranet. To launch website it is necessary:

  • Designing website
  • Ensuring website software management and content management - either using any existing or developing solutions according to one’s own requirements
  • Providing Internet domain to which the site will be operated at
  • Ensuring server operator on which the site will run

Technically, the website runs by the web server and is accessible via the Internet (within the World Wide Web and HTTP protocol).

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Last update: 09.09.2015


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