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What is Wearables
Wearables is any wearable technology as an electronic device or smart materials that are designed to be normally worn .by a person, typically on human body.

Wearables or wearable technology, wearable Computer is an electronic device or smart materials that are designed to be normally worn by a person. These include smart watches, smart glasses, sports and fitness bracelets, shoes with sensors, but also smart materials that can adapt to human or environmental conditions.

Development wearables miniaturiace enabled computers and the development of advanced materials. It is closely linked with IoT.

What are wearables in practice for?

Wearables have and will have a very broad application across a range of industries. New materials allow the display integrated as part of normal clothing and so for example display advertising at athletes outfits or have a 3D image on your T-Shirt. Not just sports and advertising, but especially healthcare where wearable technology will be a practical tool in monitoring patients. Similarly it is in the military or in jobs that require great physical exertion. Work clothes can include a variety of sensors and other components that facilitate monitoring movement of material or persons. For example, smart glasses (e.g.Google Glass) has broad application in the industry (eg. The display inventory or temperature machines), healthcare (quick display additional information to the patient), with rescue services (police, fire) or in the military.


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Last update: 03.01.2016


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