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What is Vision
Vision is an idea of the future desired and target state and it takes a form of a simple description of its appearance and the ideal state, which wants the organization to achieve by its strategy.

“To achieve real success you must be a visionary - you must have a very innovative approach to the world and a clear idea of the direction you are heading. If you have this, you pass something that would represent the business equivalent of murder. “

Henry Mintzberg

Vision is a term that is used in strategic management. The vision is an idea of the desired future and the target state and takes the form of a simple description of its appearance and of an ideal state, which wants the organization by its strategy to achieve.

The vision must be expressed by strategic goals and subsequently by specific objectives in order to be implemented.

Why is company vission needed?

Vision is part of motivating factors (it is the greatest motivator) in the organization – it helps “pull together towards its fulfillment.” The key is that all managers and employees in the organization identify themselves with the vision. Setting a vision is suitable for all types and sizes of organizations. Without it, it is missing a clearly expressed direction, which the organization wants to make and it is difficult to define further motivators.

What is company vision

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Last update: 28.04.2019


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