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What is User role
User role is a set of permissions that can be assigned to one or more users.

User role is a set of permissions that can be assigned to one or more users. Usually, roles are assigned to users according to the position within the business or organization since the position defines the job duties and thus determines the need for authorizations to perform specific operations as a users of a given system (or software, application, etc.).

User role

What are the advantages of user roles?

The main advantage is the clarity - once a user role is defined, it can be used multiple times - assigned to multiple users. If the user roles are not defined, the administrator has to assign permissions to each individual user. Permissions management within a system (or application, software, etc.) using roles is very common (and necessary) in the systems with a large number of users.

How do you assign permissions to a role?

The most common way is to assign permissions through defining the level of access to data including operations that a given role is allowed to perform. Usually, we use the following levels of permissions to data:

  • Read
  • Create
  • Delete

Also, roles are usually assigned permissions to other features or add-ons of a given system, that is to say, what other system features and add-ons can be used by the given role.

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Last update: 07.05.2018


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