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What is Types of Problems and Decisons
Donnelly, Gibson and Ivancevich divide types of problems and decisions for good and ill-structured problems and programmed and unprogrammed decisions.

Donnely, Gibson and Ivancevich divide the types of problems and decisions as follows:

  • Problems:

    • Well structured - easy to understand, clearly defined and occur repeatedly and can be routinely managed.
    • Ill structured - poorly understood, vague, occur rarely and it is necessary to deal with them creatively and innovatively
  • Decisions:

    • Programmed - a decision regarding the well structured problems and typically takes place at lower levels of management
    • Unprogrammed - a decision concerning the poorly structured problems and typically takes place at higher levels of management

All schematically shown in the picture below:

Types of Problems and Decisons

Source: According to Donnelly, Gibson, Ivancevich, 1997.

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Last update: 04.11.2016


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