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What are Education and qualification
Good education has always been and in the modern world it is still a key prerequisite for good jobs and the employment. It is an integral part of each worker skills and it increases his chances of a good job and good salary.

Good education is and has always been a key prerequisite for good employment opportunities and successful careers. It is an integral part of the skills or abilities of each person and it increases the chances for a good job and a good salary. Education does not end with the completion of a certain level of education, but it is a continuous process that accompanies a person throughout his career and life.

Within organisations, education includes the purposeful and systematic procurement, adoption and strengthening of skills, knowledge, habits, attitudes, values and social forms of conduct and behavior of individuals. The attainment of education also provides for the qualification necessary for the performance of certain profession in the organization. Modern civilizations and economies also emphasize and highly value the ability to work with the internet and information technologies, the ability to work with information as well as the ability to communicate in foreign languages (in non-english speaking countries, this language is mainly english).

There are numerous theories and methods and opportunities for the improvement of human compentencies available within organisations. In addition to classic training and courses, different types of on-the-job-training) methods, such as coaching, mentoring, AAR and off-the-job-training methods, such as team building, simulation games or use of information technologies for education (e-learning, m-learning, webinars) offer a huge range of possibilities for the increase of qualifications or skills of workers so that they can perform better.

On-the-job-training methods:

Off-the-job-training methods:

  • Assertiveness training
  • Assessment Centrum (AC)
  • Case study
  • Demonstrating
  • Distance education
  • Lecture
  • Managerial games
  • Neuro-linguistic programming
  • Simmulation
  • Teambuilding and Outdoor training (adventure education, educational games, active education)

Forms of on-line education:

Related terms and methods:

Related management field:

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Last update: 04.07.2016


Courtney Thomas 3 months

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Brian Caroll about 1 month

In fact, in our capitalist society, a good education is not a panacea for all ills. It took me a long time to understand this simple truth of life. I think I will not surprise anyone if I say that I owe my insight to Robert Kiyosaki and his great book" Rich Dad Poor Dad ". The author gives a clear definition of our capitalist system, puts everything on the shelves and, with the help of very illustrative examples, explains why it is not enough just to be a “good diligent student”. Sometimes you need to risk everything you have, sometimes you need to negotiate with a classmate do homework for money , sometimes you need to show your commercial potential. In fact, this has never been enough to become a truly successful person. In fact, the "good diligent student" today works for the "bad naughty" yesterday's losers.

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Courtney Thomas about 1 month

There is a distinct difference between the two. Anyone with a replica diploma can also have education but not qualification so we should be more aware about it and be optimistic.

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Anthony Anson about 1 month

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lexi howard about 1 month

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Larry Jackson about 1 month

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Maham Lodhi about 1 month

Good education provides you many benefits regarding your job. It is beneficial for the best employment opportunity. I have done graduation in management and now I am working as a tour manger in a travelling company (Pakistan tourism packages | Travelo) and also working as a research manger in a private firm. Education is a vast field, it has many skills you have many opportunities to select any field.

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John Edwards 17 days

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sang kerja 14 days

Wlw udah dapat 3, tp mgk cm fred yg bisa nerobos line up. Serasa lambat jadinya pergerakan trabsfer MU. Pdhl beberapa pesaing sudah sangat sibuk di bursa transfer.

Klo ga segera, keburu harga gila. Keburu pra musim mulai. Ntr lama nyatu nya ama tim. Klo mau juara harus datengin nama besar terutama di sisi kanan.,,,,,,,,,,,,

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