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What is Top manager
Top manager is a designation of a member of the senior, top-level management of the organization.

Top Manager (Top-level manager, C-level manager) is a designation of a member of the top management of the organization. He has a responsibility at the top level of the whole organization or company.

Top Manager in practice: Top Manager is a director of the organization, it may be:

  • Members of the Board of Directors
  • President
  • Vice-president
  • Director
  • CEO (Chief Executive Officer) CEO, Managing Director
  • CFO (Chief Financial Officer) CFO
  • COO (Chief Operations Officer) - Director of Operations
  • CIO (Chief Information Officer) - IT Director
  • CHRO (Chief Human Resources Officer) - Human Resources Director
  • CTO (Chief Technical Officer) - Technical Director, Production Manager
  • From anyone other senior managers    The focus of the work of a top manager is in the Strategic Planning and conceptual activities more than in technical skills.

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Last update: 06.02.2015


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