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Who is Thomas Robert Malthus
Thomas Robert Malthus was an English economist and Anglican pastor, who best known for his theory of population growth.

Thomas Robert Malthus

Thomas Robert Malthus is known for his theory of population growth which is called Malthusianism or malthusianismus - after him. Malthus belongs among representatives of classical political economy. Marxist economics gaze was one of the founders of “vulgar bourgeois political economy.” In 1805 he was appointed as a professor of history and political economy at the East India Company College at Haileybury.

In 1798 he issued a statement Essay on the Principle of the population. In 1803 he issued a more extensive second edition, by submitting an explanation of his population theory. He stated that “Human misery and suffering were practically inevitable” becaouse “the cause of misery is human instinct” by which he meant the food and reproductive instincts. He refused social legislation. The theory of value responds to the rise of capital and contends that the value can not be dependent only on the labor, because the captial is spent as well. It means that wages and profits enter into the costs.

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