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The Grand Strategist


A book on strategic management for the general reader. It shows how managerial life can be changed by going back to the simple, first principles of a job. This management system aims to enable the reader to win more, fail less, achieve more within the same hours, and above all - enjoy doing it. It argues that there are four basic questions that individuals and groups of all kinds and sizes must answer if they are to survive in a world of increasing competitive intensity and accelerating change. They apply whether one leads an organization, manages a department or have just been given a first management assignment. The questions are firstly, mission - what are we trying to do?, secondly, competition - how do we gain a competitive edge?, thirdly, performance - how do we out-perform our competitors?, and finally, change - how do we change more effectively than our competitors? How an organization tackles these questions can determine whether it suceeds or even survives. The challenges of increasing competition and accelerated change provide more opportunities for success.