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Working group is a type of social group that originates in the workplace. It is therefore an internally and functionally connected group of at least two co-workers who have at least one common goal or objective.
Work order is a formal job or task assignment based on someone's request - either from a customer or from another department in the company.
Wi-Fi is a designation for wireless connection of various terminal devices (e.g. PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone) and their connection to the computer network (no matter whether local or to the internet).
Work environment is the place where the workers carry out their work, where the job is completed. For some professions it is an office, for another a production plant or public space.
Worflow is a flow of activities or documents within business process.
Web service is a term that refers to the method of communication between two electronic devices over the Internet. It is an encapsulated logic (functionality) of an application that is used by another one.
Wage is the term for a reward provided by organizations to the workers for the job.
Working Group and Working Team (Managing Team) are terms that indicate different forms of social groups in the workplace. Working group is kind of social group that occurs in the workplace. Working team is an organized group focused on common work task.
Working time is the length of time during which the worker performs the work for which is he or she is paid. The usual working hours are 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.
WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) is a simple analytical technique, which aims to spread the project to the individual activities to a level of detail to allow them to assign responsibilities, labor intensive and time horizon.
Workflow model describes all the important information for the workflow. Namely processes, documents, process participants, their permissions, and so on.
Web is a short simplified designation for a web sites that is mostly accessed by web browsers on the Internet. The correct and long name is www (world wide web).
Work from the office is related to such professions, where the work takes place mainly behind the computer or with paper. The workplace is either an office or can be performed partially remotely or from home.
White collars are an informal designation of administrative or managerial, non-manual workers. The opposite is the blue collar, designation for manual profession.
Warranty period is the time period during which the manufacturer warrants the product, the goods or the service. Usually, the product must be used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
Whitelist is a list of people, companies, applications or anything else for which is expressly allowed an activity or an operation. The opposite of a whitelist is a blacklist.
Work-Life Balance is an approach to balance personal and professional life in order to achieve employee satisfaction and thus their high performance.
Website visitor is someone who has visited a website and spent some time there. Website visitor may be anonymous or identified, and may visit the website only once or repeatedly.
Word of Mouth can be said in other words as "personal recommendation" or "what is said." IT is actually unpaid advertising (promotion) of the product distribution through spoken or written, verbal communication between existing and potential customers.
Working Team Typology is a term denoting the definition of basic types of working teams.
Write Off means a decrease of value of assets to zero.
White Paper is an informative sales document describing a product, a service, a technology, and the like. It is intended to convince customers, business partners, or investors.
The concept of waste is in business management primarily used in the context of quality management methods, such as Lean, Kaizen or 3E concept.
The informal English term Whistle-blower denotes a person who informs the authorities or the public about any illegal, unethical or discriminatory actions which are taking place within an organisation.
The workplace is the place where the employee carries out his work, where he works. It could be an office, factory building, vehicle or even a home (home office). Workplace is specified in the employment contract.
WWW (World Wide Web) is the designation for a set of websites available via the Internet that are accessed mostly by web browsers.
Website (web page) is a designation of a document with information, which is accessible through a Web Browser, presented for the visitor with aesthetic and legible way, and tored so that they are available to more users who access them via the Internet.
Wireless computer network is a type of computer network in which each device is connected by wireless communication, most Wi-Fi or GSM.
Work instructions describe in detail how an activity, process, task or operation is to be performed.
Work ethic is people's work attitude and the way how to perform their duties. It is influenced by the particular personality and by his motivations.