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Volatility means fluctuation, unstableness of prices. The greater the volatility, the more the price (such as price) varies by a greater margin.
Virtualization means that over the physical environment is created a virtualized environment that is more effectively adapted to the needs of users.
Variance is the degree of variability, the diversity of some measured values. The greater the variance, the more the values deviate from the average.
VoIP is phone service over the Internet., that is used to connect to the Internet uskusstečnění phone call without the need for a telecom operator. It is an abbreviation of the words Voice Over Internet Protocol.
Vector graphics compose the image of geometric shapes like lines, curves, polygons, or points. Unlike raster graphics (bitmap), wherein the image is composed entirely of colored dots (pixels).
Vaporware is the informal designation of the product or service whose launch or entry on the market is announced with great publicity, but the product is never actually produced (or not even made a prototype).
Value Proposition is an English term for a clear statement of why the customer should buy a service or product. It can be used in relation to specific products or the entire company.
Venture Capital is the name for the capital invested in the business development, i.e. the capital invested in a business foundation, start-up and further development on the basis of quality and realistic business plan.
Viral marketing is a marketing technique that uses various social networks and communities to the rapid spread of certain product or promotional information.
Visa is a permit that entitles an alien to enter and stay in the territory of another state.
Vulnerability is a term used to describe the weakness or lack (of assets) in risk management. Vulnerability allows the application of threat.
Vendor Lock-In means a situation when the customer is dependent on specific vendor or vendors and can not switch to other vendors or can not use another product without significant costs.
Death Valley (Valley of Death) is a informal term for the very first phase of startup (or develop products or services), where the product is not in profit yet.
Vision is an idea of the future desired and target state and it takes a form of a simple description of its appearance and the ideal state, which wants the organization to achieve by its strategy.
VAMBO (Vendor assisted MBO) - is a situation where the majority part or the entire company is repurchased from its existing owners to the management team. All this with a contribution or share of a vendor.
VAT (Value Added Tax) is one of the indirect taxes, also ranks among the excise tax. The principle of value added tax lies in the fact that the organization pay VAT on the difference between input and output.
Vlog is basically a blog that is not based on text content but on a video content. Vlogs, like blogs, can have different content and different forms - from personal comments, to news, product reviews, manuals to product videos.
VAR (Value Added Reseller) is a reseller or retailer who is able to adapt, modify, assemble or augment the product to the customer, ensure customer support or provide other services.
A virtual server is a space created within one powerful physical server.
Verbal communication is any communication between people conducted through speech and specific language. Verbal communication is a fundamental way of people's communication.
Viral effect or viral principle is a quick and spontaneous spread of some news, information, videos or other content among people through Internet services such as emails and various social networks and other content sharing services.
Variable Costs are costs dependent on the amount of goods produced or services provided. Their volume is directly proportional to the amount of volume of products or services.