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Unsecured debt is a debt for which the debtor does not assume any liability for any other property. From a creditor's point of view, such a debt is at a higher risk and therefore usually has a higher interest rate than the debt secured.
Unproductive labor is work that does create direct value to the company, it means does not have a direct share in creating or selling products. Typically it is support and management processes, administrative work and the like.
Unique visitor is a visitor who visited the website at least once in a given period of time. None of his or her subsequent visits to the same website is included in the total of unique visitors.
Umbrella brand is such a brand that covers other sub-brands in a group of companies or in a corporation.
Uptime is usable machine time. It is the percentage of time that the machine, equipment or infrastructure functional and ready for use. The opposite is downtime.
User review is a review written by a user. It's usually formatted as an article, with star rating, with the avowed authorship. User reviews are often on social networks or as a supplement to formal review.
Utility is a term used in economics, which denotes the subjective feeling of satisfaction resulting from the consumption of goods. Any rational consumer or customer seeks to maximize their utility and on the other hand, minimize their expenses related to the utility.
User registration (or User sign-in) means creating a user account. When registering, a prospective user usually has to enter his username and password under which he will log in.
User role is a set of permissions that can be assigned to one or more users.
Unit Costs are costs that can be immediately applied to a specific performance or a specific operation.
UX (User Experience) is the term used in the design and engineering of products and services. UX is the impression (utility, pleasure, satisfaction, easy of use) experienced by the user using the product.
The username is the unique identification of a user in a software or application used for user login.
User account is information about the user of a system and usually includes a user name, password, personal settings and other information.
USP stands for Unique Selling Proposition. It means a description of what is unique on our particular service or product apart from the competition so that motivates the customer to buy it.
Unethical behavior is such that violates generally accepted norms and values in society or in a particular organization.
User is someone who uses something. In companies this is a term for users of computers, software and enterprise networks.
Unit price is the price per certain unit of measure, for example per piece, kilogram, meter, liter, hour, or megabyte.
Universal means versatile, designed for versatile use. Its opposite is ad-hoc.
Up-Selling is sales tactics, which aims to sell better or more expensive goods or services than a customer originally chose.