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ROS is an abbreviation for the Register of legal entities (Company Register), within the National Registers of the Czech Republic.
The ransom is the amount paid by one party for the release of a person, property or an information.
ROB is an abbreviation for the Population od Citizen Register, in the system of national registers of the Czech Republic. Registry data on individuals, citizens of Czech republic.
Reputational risk is the risk of loss or damage of a company's good reputation which is the positive perception of the company by its customers, suppliers, and other business partners.
Receiver is the party of communication that is the target of communication, which means is receiving the communication from the other side. This is called the Sender.
RFP (Request for Proposal) is a document issued in order to get proposals from potential suppliers
Reciprocity is mutually balanced relationship or provisioning of something (eg. Services). Mutually balanced relationship is a reciprocal relationship.
Return is an economic term that refers to the enterprise's ability to create new resources, thus to create a profit using invested capital.
Recession is a macroeconomic concept for the decline in real gross domestic product (GDP) in the country or region for two or more following quarters of the year.
Reaction in the presence of othe people is a term of the social psychology. Henk Wilke and Arjaan Wit define possible basic responses of the individuals and responses of the individuals in the presence of other people.
Cash Flow Return on Equity - ROE (CF) is a term that refers how much cash flow seems to one dollar of invested capital. It is derived from the ratio ROE - Return on Equity, in which profit is replaced by cash flow.
Return on Capital Employed (ROCE) is a term that refers to the return on long-term invested capital. It measures how much of operating economic result before taxes the enterprise reached from one dollar invested by shareholders and creditors.
Risk acceptance or risk retention means the fact of accepting the identified risk and not taking any other action in order to reduce the risk because we can accept its impact, the possible consequences - we simply risk it.
Risk avoidance is one of the strategies of dealing with risks. It means that we will not realize our intention from which the risk arises.
Responsibility arises from the worker's duties to perform the tasks given by the job description. Responsibility means the obligations - orders that imply a need or a commitment for an action.
Receipt is a formal, usually written acknowledgment of receipt of something valuable, typically cash amount.
Cash Flow Return on Sales, the acronym ROS (CF) is usually used. It is a term that refers to the financial efficiency of the enterprise. The indicator is derived from the indicator ROS - Return On Sales, instead of profit the numerator appoints the Cash Flow (CF).
Return on Assets (ROA) is a term that refers to the production power and measures the profit with total assets invested in the business regardless of the financing method.
Residual risk level is such risk level that remains after the implementation of the measure.
Resource planning is one of planning activities whose aim is a to provide sufficient amount of resources in an appropriate quantity and quality to ensure the functioning processes of the organization.
Redundancy is a surplus or a reserve.
Repair is a process or set of activities that causes the damaged thing to be returned to the original or otherwise usable state. Repairs are a common part of operating and maintenance facilities in companies.
Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is one of the indicators of data availability. RTO indicates the amount of time needed for data recovery and overall operation of an inaccessible system (software).
Recovery Point Objective (RPO) is one of the indicators of data availability. RPO indicates into what state (point) in the past the data can be restored.
Cash Flow Return on Assets, usually the abbreviation ROA (CF) is used. It is a term that indicates what part of the revenue the enterprise generates from the capital bound in the property. The indicator is derived from the ROA - Return on Assets indicator.
Registr práv a povinností is a register of rights and obligations it is an official government reference database, one of so called basic registers, based on th § 3 of Act no. 111/2009 Coll.
RÚIAN (Registr územní identifikace nemovitostí) is czech governmental Register of Territorial Identification of Real Estate, used as the RUIAN acronym, is a term that refers to one of the basic government registers.
Responsive design means that the website will adapt to the target device resolution. Otherwise displayed on a large screen and other mobile devices.
Return on Equity (ROE) is a term that indicates how much net profit is attributable to one dollar on invested capital.
Roles in working groups (Group Roles) is a term designating working roles, which members of the working groups hold. Kenneth Benne and Paul Sheats (1948) defined 25 roles in three groups - task roles, group building roles and self-center roles.
Reset means that the restoration of the manufacturer's settings. The reset start the device (computer or other device) again from the beginning together with deletion of user settings. Sometimes is used similarly the Restore.
Rescue after MBO (RAMBO) is the situation where it is necessary to save the company after the management buy-out (MBO) failed. Either the new management role failed or because of other difficulties.
Royalty is the financial reward that receives an author for the use of the results of intellectual property or the owner or for the use of his property.
Rootkit is a malicious program designed to get a remote control over your computer without your awareness. The attacker can then control your computer from anywhere.
RFQ (Request for Quote) is a document issued in order to find out how the object of the RFQ would be tackled by different suppliers and for how much. Usually, only the RFQ acronym is used.
RSVP is an acronym of the French term répondez s’il vous plait. In translation it means please respond.
Risk transfer is a strategy of dealing with risks. It describes situation when we transfer the risk to another person or entity such as insurance agency.
Return On Sales (ROS) is a term that refers to how much dollars of the net profit is attributable to one dollar of sales.
RAMS is an acronym for Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, and Safety. These are all interrelated and important aspects for maximizing business and operational efficiency.
ROFL is the abbreviation of Rolling on the Floor Laughing.
Retirement is one of the personnel activities. It includes ensuring workers retiring. Worker can retire at an early age (early retirement), it may go to a regular retirement, may also serve extra time and retire later than the retirement age.
Respondent is the person who answered the questions in the questionnaire, opinion poll or survey.
Recurring revenue is income received from a regular provision of services.
Risk society is a sociological theory of the German sociologist Ulrich Beck. According to him, on the one hand, modernization and development of science and technology brings many positives and simplifies life, on the other hand, it has negative effects on the environment and brings a wide range of risks.
Refactoring is the process of improving or cleaning of the program code without changing its behavior.
Rebate is a discount given by the seller to the buyer, usually at wholesale at a certain volume for certain period. Rabat is reimbursed retroactively after the full payment for the customer.
Revolving Credit is a term that refers to a short-term credit provided by the bank. It is a combination of overdraft and short-term bank loan.
Revenue is the sum of cash, which an enterprise receives from all of its activities (production of goods or services) for a certain period.
Business resources are the basic factors of production, and inputs into the production process in each organization.
Research and Development (R&D) includes all activities within the organization that are concerned with the development and research of new products, services, products, materials, processes and the like.
Returning visitor is such a visitor to the site who has returned to the site multiple times.
Reflation is deliberate price increases by stimulation of government or central bank by increasing the money supply or lowering taxes. It is actually a type of deliberate inflation.
Resume is a term that refers to a document used by individuals to present their background, skills and qualifications mostly in US, English Canada and Australia. Other countries use the CV.
Retraining is the attainment of new skills and the improvement, expansion or intensification of an existing qualification, including the maintenance or renewal.
Review is an assessment of the product or some output with someone who is experienced, is industry expert or a independent entity. Reviews can also compare the product with it comparable products. Has usually format of an article and is placed in the respected medium.
Odměna z dohody (Remuneration agreement) is type of work agreement in the Czech Republic.
Revenue stream is the denomination of all revenues generated by one service, product or a source in general.
Routine incident is such an incident that occurs repeatedly and the solution of which is prepared, the process and the staff are prepared for the order better than the extraordinary incident.
Right angle is half of the the direct angle, denoted by 90 °. For example, the right angle enclose sides of the square.
Retention time means for how long are backup data available for possible recovery.
Role-based access control (RBAC) is a way to give or restrict users' permissions within a certain software by assigning roles to them. A certain scope of permissions is defined for each role. Individual roles are subsequently assigned to individual users.
Restart (Reboot) means the starting again (switch off-switch on) a system, software, computer or other device. Some systems require a restart when something fundamental is changed, such as new update.
Risk reduction is a strategy of dealing with risks that consists in taking some measures (countermeasure) to reduce the level of risk.
RTB (Real time bidding) is an auction purchase advertising real time marketplace for display advertising.
Remote control or remote access is the ability to control another computer connected to the Internet using a special program. Remote control is used for server management or technical assistance to the customer's computer.