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Quid Pro Quo means something for something, ie the exchange of goods or services for something valuable. Usually for something intangible - in return for the service, such make a positive decisions or help to achieve something.
Quality Manual is a basic document of quality management system according to ISO 9001, which collectively describes the quality management system according to this standard in the organization.
Quality Policy is a term used by ISO 9001 - it is a statement or management's commitment to deal with the quality and further increase it.
Qualitative data are non-numerical data by which we can describe in words the quality of things or phenomena.
Quantitative data are numerical characteristics by which we define or measure things or phenomena. Sometimes is used term hard data.
Qubit (Quantum bit) is a unit of information in quantum informatics. It is derived from a classical bit, unlike the bit the qubit can attain values 0 or 1 or both at the same time (it is called the superposition).
Quid Pro Quo is such an attack in which the attacker apparently help victims with something and requires something else in return - usually to run a malicious program or disclosure of sensitive data.
Quality is a measure of excellence or a state of being free from defects, deficiencies, and significant variations.
Qualification Profile is a term used in human resources management. It is used to describe the structure and scope of the qualification for a particular profession or job.
Qualification is a term used in human resources management. Qualification is a broader term than the concept of education. Education is part of the qualification (qualification may be a practice).
Qualification deficit is a term used in human resources management. It arises from a comparison of the personal qualification and requirements of the qualification profile of the profession or job.