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Project objectives are project results, outcomes that are to be achieved. They must be measurable so that the achievement can be demonstrated and approved.
Patent is a legal protection of an invention that provides inventors protect intellectual property.
Positioning statement is a short and concise description of how a particular product (brand) meets customer needs. It may contain a definition of competition - that is how they meet it better than the competition.
Pseudonym is a placeholder (cover or artistic) that the individual stands for and communicates with other people instead of the real name. A pseudonym helps to hide the identity of a person.
Payback Period is the number of years that are needed to make the cumulative cash flows from the year 1 offset the investment, thus it is the number of years, after which the investment will return.
Prospect is a designation for prospective customer, i.e. someone who has somehow reacted to our marketing activity or who has shown interest in the product.
Profit center is the designation for the organizational unit inside the company for which both the costs and revenues are recorded and which is responsible for the profit.
Price is a monetary value of products, goods or services in a certain volume, quantity or quality. The price is what the customer pays.
Phishing is a term for fraudelant attack designed to elicit confidential information from users via fake e-mail or website. Phishing is a manipulative technique, using fraudulent e-mails that appear to be sent from a confidential source (e.g. from banks), or website imitations of confidential institutions, through which the attacker causes the victim to launch a sensitive information.
Personal Development Plan (sometimes also Employee personal development plan) is a term used in human resources management. It is a document or a list of different activities designed to increase worker's competencies.
Progressive tax is one in which with rising incomes is rising tax rate. In other words, the higher the income you have, the more you will be taxed. A progressive tax is typical for income tax.
The personnel file is a set of information kept by organization on one specific employee.
PPI (Pay Per Impression) is a business model or compensation method how to pay for advertising on the internet websites. Advertisers pay for the number of impressions of the advertising banner (not per click).
Public relations (PR) is a summary term for the intentional activities of the organization towards the public (towards stakeholders), which serve to the interests of the organization.
The power of attorney is unilateral acknowledgment that one person (the agent) may in particular legal proceedings represent another person (ie. The principal).
Preventive maintenance is a type of maintenance that is carried out on a continuous basis before the occurrence of a malfunction.
Price To Earnings To Growth Ratio (PEG) is a term that refers to the ratio of share market price to the earnings per share and earnings growth.
Profitability Index (PI) expresses the ratio of benefits to initial capital expenditures.
Plowback Ratio is a term that refers to the size of profit reinvested back into the enteprise.
Proforma invoice is a document that states quantity and price which sends the seller to the buyer in advance of the delivery of services or goods.
Price-To-Cash-Flow-Ratio is a term that indicates the degree of cash flow valuation of the enterprise in the securities market.
Portfolio is in project management a term for set of projects or programs.
Portfolio is originally a Latin expression that in business means a group, set or file of anything.
Product Portfolio is a designation for a sum of all products, goods or services provided to customers. It is a complete offer of products.
Personality is one of the basic concepts of psychology. Personality usually means an individual formation of the human psyche - a unique "I" of a man with all his qualities, experience, character, talents, abilities and skills.
Pharming is a term for fraudulent attack designed to elicit confidential information from users via controlled websites. Pharming is a more insidious form of phishing, because the attacker does not attack directly to the user and does not create fake websites, but masters (redirects) the actual web page of the institution (such as banks pages). In technical terms, this is an attack on the DNS server.
Psychological contract is a term that refers to a set of mutual expectations and obligations between workers of the organization and the organization.
Perception is a term designating the collection of information in the form of stimuli from the surroundings through the senses and their transformation through the relevant parts of the CNS (particularly relevant sensory centers) to the upper floors of psyche.
Producer Surplus is a term of economic theory, which indicates the difference between the market price of the product and the amount for which the producer should at least be willing to produce.
Project duration is the total time that a particular project takes from its launch until completion.
Par Value is an English desigation for the net nominal price of the share, bond or other security.
Personal information is any information relating to specific individuals and are sensitive in nature (eg. The date of birth, address). Dealing with such data may be given to the right to privacy in various countries and states restricted.
PPA (Pay Per Action) is one of the models of payment for Internet advertising. It is a payment for any desired action (an order, a registration of a new client, etc.).
Project-based revenue is income received from project outputs or project results. This type of revenue is usually earned on an irregular basis.
Project phase is an part of the project life cycle. Typical project phases are a preparation, a planning, an realization and a completion.
Project stage is a certain part of the project which is derived from its schedule. Stages are usually some partial results of the project completed at the milestone.
Policy is a set of rules that an organization, state or country determines and follows. Unlike the strategy, policy is long-term orented and has no specific goal to achieve.
The term Partnership designates either a type of legal person (founded based on legislature) or a relationship between two organisations who are working in cooperation.
PageRank is a term from the field of internet marekting and indicates the value (on a scale 0-10) of each web page that is computed by Google search algorithm.
Private goods is an economic term that refers to a specific type of goods, their key characteristics in contrast to public goods are rivalrous consumption and excludable consumption.
Public Finance is a term that refers to public funds (or public budgets).
Public Service Catalog is a term used to refer to the offer description or scope of services provided by the staete, other public body (e.g. city) or other provider who provides a public services.
Point of contact (POC) is a particular person, a department or some technological device or software that handles and coordinates all requests, suggestions, complaints and the like for the customer.
Privacy Statement (or Privacy notice) is a public document, a statement about how an organization approaches to the personal data protection and processing. The statement should be clear, concise and accessible to all concerned.
Production costs are the costs necessary for manufacturong the product. These are all costs for direct materials and for a production (labor, energy etc.). They are usually expressed as the costs of one piece.
Population growth rate is a numerical representation of the population growth. Currently, the global population growth rate is about 1.1% per year.
Plain text is the sort of text that contains only characters (usually letters and numbers) without further formatting.
Process owner is the person responsible for the process - its outputs and overall progress.
Personality traits is a set of all the positive and negative characteristics of a person that takes shape in his attitudes and behavior.
While the strategy is focused on achieving a goal, politics is a wider concept - it is a set of rules that the organization defines and follows.
Paperless office means a significant reduction or total elimination of papers in office work. Printed documents, forms and other papers are replaced by their digital form.
Process model is a graphical representation of one particular process, that is to say, how the process activities or the steps are in following each other, who performs them, what they need, and so on. It is a workflow desription.
Different forms, categories or indicators of profit are used in financial analysis according to the purpose for which the analysis is processed. For example EAC, EAT, EBIT, Economic Profit, Gross Margin, etc.
Profit is a term that refers to the positive difference between revenue and costs. In case of negative values it is a loss. Profit is a synthetic indicator of the efficiency of business activities. In profit are reflected all factors of succesful entrepreneurship.
Phlegmatic type is sober, calm, careful, peaceful but passive man who was well able to control and does not like the limelight.
Public services are particular outputs of the public sector. Public services are those services that are financed from public funds.
Passive income is such income for which there is no need or little effort or that does not require the presence and active work. An example is the rental, licensing, interest and so on.
Public goods are a term that refers to one type of market failure. They represent a specific type of goods which main features are non-rivalry of the consumption and non-excludability of the consumption.
Page view means one viewing or accessing of a web page by webpage visitor.
Purpose is why something is happening, something is undertaken. Why you do something or why something exists. The purpose gives the main objective or purpose of existence.
Public power is a power coming out of the people, citizens and society. It is the ability of given society to creat a system of bidning rules of conduct (law - legislation) and to enforce their compliance as a part of mechanisms of social regulation and keeping a homeostasis of the society.
Program in project management is used to identify a set of related projects and changes that have been, are or will be executed to achieve strategic objectives and obtain the benefits that the organization wants to achieve.
Producer is a natural or legal person who cultivates agricultural products or produces raw materials.
Personal Identification Number (PIN) is a unique number used for personal authentication when, for example, unlocking the phone, making payment with a payment card, withdrawing cash, and so on.
Physical deterioration means gradual visual wear, material fatigue, deterioration of functions, reliability and performance decline.
Personal protective equipment (PPE) is work tools or parts of clothing that protect workers from various risks. These include, for example, protective goggles, helmet, work gloves, disinfection and the like.
Pricing is the process of determining the price at which the company will sell it on the market. The price is determined on the basis of production costs, product quality and brand, market and competitive offerings.
Public Private Partnership means providing public services in a partnership of public sector and private company.
Personal computer (Personal computer, PC) is such a computer, which is designed for individuals, human user.
Proxy user is such a user granted by another or by authority to act on behalf of another user. Proxy user is used, for example, in workflow or other approvals.
Promotion means the dissemination of an information about something to putting the subject of the promotion (product, service, event, fact, etc.) to be known.
Payout Ratio is a term that indicates how large share of generated net profit after tax is paid out to shareholders and how much is used for reinvestment.
Paid Media means all media activities and outputs that are paid. These include traditional advertising, direct mailing, PR articles, sponsorship, banners, posters, search advertising, advertising on social networks and alike.
Procedure is written set of steps, processes and rules of a company or organization to help unify its processes, rules and streamline the behavior of the people in business processes.
A project is time-bound and comprehensive set of activities and processes, which objective is to establish, create or change something specific. The project must be in a certain way managed.
Project Oriented Organization is an organization in which a considerable part of its processes and activities take place in the form of projects. Its organizational structure has elements of matrix organizational structure.
Packet is a data block transmitted in computer networks.
Procedure acknowledgement is a process for new or existing workers to learn or train in new or already established procedures, work instructions or policies or guidelines.
Products are outputs of a production process and by their nature are divided into: tanglible products (goods) and intangible products (services).
Prototype model is the first product that has been manufactured as one piece to verify its properties in practice.
Project outputs are all the results of the project team's activities. They include both the outcomes (what we deliver to the customer) and other outputs needed for the project (for example, activity report, status reports).
Public interest is in many legal systems of different countries so called vague legal term. Its content is often inferred and usually it is found within a specific administative procedures, because at least some of them may consist in the need for comparing and balancing several public interests, such as interest in the protection of nature versus public transport conservation.
Psyche is a term belonging to the basic psychological categories. It indicates a sum of psychic phenomena (contents and function) such as perception, thinking, emotions, temperament, motives, attitudes, intelligence, conduct and behavior, etc.
Goods are outputs of the production process, designed for the market. Goods have a material form – they are tangible products, respectively, material possessions.
Process Map is a term used for a clear structure of all processes and activities in an organization. Process map usually divides processes in the organization, according to added value into main processes, managing processes and support processes.
Pricing policy of a company sets out the prices of their products or services. Pricing policy may vary depending on region, sales volume (wholesale vs. retail) and the like.
Presentation means demonstrating something to someone. Presentations can take the form of demonstrations, showcase, video presentation, live appearances, web presentations, and so on. Its goal is to show, motivate, or convince the listener.
Presales refers to all activities and processes that are performed before the customer is acquired or the product is released to the market. Typically, it includes customer needs analysis, technical solutions preparation, bidding and so.
Prior Art means everything, what is publicly known before filing a patent. It is any evidence that your invention is already known. If so, the invention can not be patented.
Payment Schedule is an overview of individual repayments of a particular loan, credit or other financial obligation.
The performance bonus is that kind of employee reward (or portion of it) that is dependent on the work accomplished or objectives achieved (eg number of acquired clients, the number of orders and the like). Sometimes the performance bonus is awarded for exceptional performance, not regularly.
Piece of legislation is the cornerstone of the legislation, the law. It is one specific set of rules, a specific legal norm, such as act, regulation, directive and so on.
Payment is the transfer of funds to a person, an example is payment for services, payment invoices, payment of loan installments and so on. Payment can be made in cash or cashless.
P/N or just p/n is an abbreviation for Part Number, a unique designation of a specific product type, model, goods or part. S/N or s/n means Serial number that indicates one particular product - such a number must be unique.
Policies & Procedures are company management documents. It is a set of principles, procedures, recommendations or guidelines that help you to manage the organization. Typically, these are organizational rules, guidelines, standards, operation procedures, and so on.
Part number or product code is a unique identification number that serves to find a 100% identical product.
Press release is the text addressed to the media, issued by the company, person, political party or other organization. You release the press release when you need to say something important to the public through the media.
A publicly traded company, the company, a company whose shares are traded on at least one stock exchange.
Preferred stock (or Preference shares) shares are those shares for which their owners have right to payment of a fixed dividend but on the other hand do not have voting rights.
Process is a term that is used in different meanings. In the real world there are more types of processes such as chemical process, manufacturing process, biological process, technological process, or process as an application run (software). From a management perspective the most important interpretation of the process is as a workflow or activities.
Profitability Ratios are also known as indicators of return and profitability. Profitability ratios measure profit (outputs) to resources (inputs). The purpose is to evaluate the success of achieving the organization's objectives, while taking into account investment.
Purchase request (or Purchase requisition) is among the things that can start a purchasing process. It is either automatically generated by a system or created by a specific worker in case he or she needs to order something.
Production process is a term that refers to the transformation (conversion) of inputs (labor, financial resources, raw material, non-material resources, infrastructure and other) to the outputs that have some value.
Personal qualification (sometimes also personal qualification profile) is a term used in human resources management. It is used to describe the ability of specific person to perform a specific profession, occupation, etc.
Pretexting is the fraudulent technique, which goal is to get the victim's personal or other important information. Pretexting is based on pre-prepared and partially true story, so to encourage victim's trust.
The press conference is a tool how to gain a publicity. It is organized meeting of the company, its representatives or individuals with media representatives.
Privacy Policy is a legal document that describes and explains how organizations treat the personal data of their customers, suppliers, employees, job applicants and others.
Project schedule is the designation for the project time plan that contains an implementation sequence of individual activities, planned implementation date of these activities and key milestones of the project.
Price Earnings Ratio (P/E) is a term that indicates how much the shareholders are willing to pay for 1 dollar earnings per share.
Plan is a term that indicates a set of planned activities through which we want to achieve some goal, a layout of individual elements within a system, or an intended target values ​​of some performance indicators.
Permission is a consent to do a particular thing (an action or legal act). It may take the form of power of attorney, granted access or access rights.
Personality disorder is a persistent behavioral deviation from normal, everage behavior.
Price to Sales Ratio (P/S) is a term that refers to the share current price relative to the total sales per share.
Product quality means the set of features or characteristics, that is expected and desired by customers. Together with the price, product quality is one of the reasons why customers make the purchasing decisions towards a particular product.
The password is a sequence of words, symbols or anything else that is used to authenticate the user because
Profit sharing is a form of incentive for employees for their good performance. It may be paid as a performance bonus as a part of a wage (a salary) or is provided in company shares.
Planned or scheduled maintenance is a type of maintenance that is performed on a predetermined schedule and is intended to prevent failures.
Prophylaxis refers to preventive or preventive protection.
Project team is a name for all persons involved in the implementation of the project.
Programming language is a term that refers to the language used to create computer programs (also software). The programming language is a formal set of rules for writing algorithms that can be executed on a computer.