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Daň z příjmů fyzických osob in Czech republic - Is a tax on income of individuals, personal income tax in Czech Republic. This tax is governed by the Act č.586 / 1992 Sb., On income taxes, as amended.
Notation indicates the formal means for describing reality.
Niche strategy is a business strategy that focuses on parts of the market with little or no competition.
NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming) is a psychotherapeutic method for removing bad or destructive ways of our actions, thoughts and feelings.
Net profit plus interest after taxes is a term that refers to Earnings after taxes (EAT) to which are added taxed interest cost.
Nonverbal Communication is a term of social psychology. Nonverbal elements of communication are intonation, posturology, gestures, haptics, mimic.
Niche is an English informal term for the area of ​​the market that is not yet solved or occupied by the competition and the entrepreneur intends to address it.
Nominal data are data for which applies only that the two values ​​are different. For example colors, car brands, gender, blood group.
Netiquette is an unformal collection of rules and principles of decent human behavior on the Internet when using a computer, tablet or phone.
Net Working Capital, usually abbreviation NWC is used. It is a term that refers to current assets after deduction current liabilities.
A Native application is an application that is designed for a specific platform, such as Android, IOS, Windows, and the like.
Net sales is a metric of total company's sales less the cost of sales returned goods, transportation costs, allowances and discounts.
NOA (Net Operating Assets) - are those assets of the company that are used to achieve operating profit. It consists of net working capital and stable operating assets.
The new economy is the designation of the current world economic system in which we live in and which is based on the use of knowledge and the Internet.
The need is a man's feeling of the lack of something he wants, something necessary at a given moment. The need is a trigger and a motivator for behavior and, for example, for buying decisions.
Natural person is a legal concept for a human being, a person. The opposite is a legal person, which is a firm or other organization based and incorporated on law.
NAT (Network Address Translation) is a router feature within a computer network that allows you to translate IP addresses between a company network and the Internet.
Non-functional requirements describe how the system, product, or service should operates, works in the context of its use. For example requirement on performance, security, operation. etc. requirements. They complement the functional requirements.
Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is an agreement to be concluded between two parties who want, for any puprose, to make accessible or share know-how, knowledge, information or data and want to restrict their use by other party outside the agreed purpose of the cooperation, and transfer of things to third parties.