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Micro-multinational companies are small businesses that operate in multiple countries. Unlike large multinational corporations use mainly human resources and internet instead of political and financial power. The rise of these companies enabled the possibilities of the Internet, IT, technology and private equity.
Mean is an average number of several different values. It is counted as a average value from a set of numbers.
Manager in an organization is a person responsible for entrusted organization unit or other defined area. The manager‘s task is to manage, i.e. to plan, to lead, to organize, to make decisions and to control people, processes and other resources in assigned responsibility within the organization.
Management is a very broad term. To manage means "to have under one's own command, to control, to manage, to regulate, to direct." If economic organizations and (enterprises) are based on the division of labor, then it is logical that the interaction of individual workers must have someone organize and coordinate. It is also needed to determine objectives and control their achievement. This type of activity is summarized below the summarizing title of management.
Market Share is a percentage indicating how much of the total market volume is occupied by a company or by a product.
Metadata is data that describes the characteristics of data or other content.
Mission is an expression of meaning and purpose of the existence of an organization. The basic mission of every organization is to provide its customers either a service or sell them or otherwise provide its products.
Management style / leadership style is a term, which expresses the characteristic manner of execution of managerial work of managers in relation to controlled workers.
Mobile web is a web page customized a created for mobile phone or a small tablet.
Marginal utility is an economic term that indicates the variation of the total utility in changing consumption of good (product, service) by the unit.
Minimum Viable Product or MVP is a product with the smallest possible functions but such that it can be used.
Margin is the gross profit from the sale of products or services. The margin is expressed as a percentage and represents an increase in prices for the end user compared to the purchase price from the supplier.
Machine code is a set of instructions for a computer processor. It is the lowest form of computer program.
Media image is how the company or the person impress in the media, especially in the mass media. It is how others perceive the company based on media articles or ads that appear in the media.
Metacognition is a term that refers to the ability of an individual to think and reflect on their own thought processes, in particular with a view to improving their cognitive skills.
Monologue is such conversation of two or more people in which one dominates. His activity is continuous and the other participants are in the passive role of listeners. Its opposite is dialogue or discussion.
Market leader is the company with the largest market share in the industry and usually also determines the market direction.
Managed documents means that the individual versions of the documents and the entire documents life cycle are under control and all users know which version is valid and which is not. For example managed documents are procedures, directives, policies work instruction and alike.
Social psychologist Robert L. Katz has set three areas of managerial skills and determination, for which level they are characterized: Technical Skills, Human Skills and Conceptual Skills.
Melancholy is a kind of silent, thoughtful, understated, pessimistic and reserved man.
Mission statement is an official statement of the mission or aims of an organization.
Memorandum of Understanding is a contractual document that pre-defines the content of the future agreement between the two parties.
Management Buyout (MBO) is a situation where the current management of the company repurchase majority part or entire company from its current owners.
Managerial decision means the decision of the responsible person (manager) in a certain situation and which clearly determines the direction of development in a certain direction.
Metric - synonym Indicator. Metrics are the measurement means and instruments. Metric (indicator) indicates the state of a system, such as its quality, efficiency, taking into consideration different values. In management indicators are also used to define the achievement of objectives (or their desired values).
Multinational corporation (MNC) is an enterprise or company based in one country, which operates its activities in several countries or countries through foreign owned or controlled subsidiaries.
M-Learning is a new term that refers to mobile learning. Mobile learning decreases the limitation of learning location with the mobility of general portable devices.
Marketing Macro Environment includes factors, such as demographic environment, economic environment, natural environment, technological environment, political environment, cultural environment.
Mechanical engineering is a sector that is engaged in the design and manufacture of machinery and equipment. It belongs to the secondary sector.
Mainstream is the style or the opinion that is adopted and worshiped by the most of population. Mainstream exists in almost all areas, such as music, political opinions, views in the mass media, scientific opinions and alike.
Meeting minutes (MoM) are a written records of what happened at the meeting, what has been solved, and what are the conclusions. A properly written record of the meeting should contain a list of participants, a record of the content of the meeting, the conclusions drawn from the meeting and, where appropriate, a list of the resulting negotiations.
Money market is a term used to refer to the part of the financial market, in which takes place lending funds with short-term maturities (up to one year) on the credit (debt) principle.
Minimum wage is the lowest allowable amount of remuneration for work in an employment relationship.
Money (pl. monies) is the term for a means of payment which is exchangeable for goods and services.
Mockup is a designation for full-size or scale model of a future product without full functionality. The mockup is used mainly for design evaluation - as an example the future product will look like, for the presentation, tradeshow, demonstration and the like.
MAC spoofing is an unauthorized change of MAC address, a MAC address falsification of a network device within a computer network.
Market Sectors (sometimes sectors of the economy or economic sectors) are used for the basic division of activities taking place in the economy of each country to the basic groups (sectors). The basic division of market sectors is three-sectoral: raw materials (Primary), manufacturing and industry (Secondary) and service sector (Tertiary).
Marketing management is primarily a demand-side management. The goal is to identify and understand customers' needs and influence their intensity, timing and compostion in accordance with the strategy of the organization.
Mintzberg defined managerial roles based on a generalization of his observations of many managers work during their normal working day. He determined ten kinds of roles in three groups.
Man In The Middle (MITM) is a type of attack on the safety of the user, in which the attacker surreptitiously intervenes the communication between two entities - and so they believe the communication is private only.
Monetary policy is influencing and controlling the supply of money, inflation rates and currency exchange rate in the state, country or community of countries. Monetary policy carried out usually by the central bank.
Managed process means a business process that is performed according to the set procedure and not accidentally.
Message is the core of the information we want to communicate to the target auditorium. Message can be direct or indirect. For example, a presentation message, promotional message and so on.
Market failure is a term in economics. It is a phenomenon where there is a reduction of market efficiency, unlike the model of perfect competition.
Marketing is a term that refers to activities, processes and methods of directing and active influencing of an entrepreneurship (business activities) according the market needs.
Media literacy is the ability to analyze, evaluate and produce informational messages and content in different ways and in different media and formats.
Merger is a term for the fusion of two organizations in which both expire and there is a new organization.
Marginal Costs are the costs necessary to manufacture or provide an additional unit of output (product, service).
Market research is the collection and analysis of information leading to the understanding of the situation and market requirements. For examaple the size of market, market expectations, customer preferences, market trends and so on.
Managerial functions, respectively activities represent probably the most typical way of the classification of the managers' job. The managing work is divided according to this concept into the individual functions, respectively activities.
Matrix organizational structure (also project structure) is one of the types of the formal organizational structure. The basis of the organizational structure is a classic vertial linear structure, which is combined with a horizontally functioning ad-hoc generated teams dedicated to special projects.
Managerial skills is a term that refers to the required skills (competencies) of the manager. In particular, following skills are included: Planning, Organizing, Leadershop, Communicating, Decision Making, Problem Solving.
The market value of the shares is the price at which the share is traded on the capital market.
Market capitalization is the market value of the company.
Media coverage indicates the scope of the presence in the media, in other words publicity in the media. It means how often the topic, person, product or company appears in the media and with what impact on the target audience (customers, readers, listeners, etc.).
Mass media are all the media that has the largest possible audience (globally, nationally, etc). Among the mass media we include television, online media, the internet, radio and press.
Manufacturer is a natural or legal person who produces a product from raw materials, components or other products.
Market is a term that refers to an area where there is a exchange of goods and/or finance (money). Market must represent at least three subjects, so that a competition could occur.
Meeting is a encounter of two or more people for some purpose. Meeting may have one or several purposes, may be regularly repeated, may be personal or via videoconference etc. The meeting should be recorded by meeting minutes, which contan what was being discussed, who was participating and what conclusions was made or what tasks arises.
Maintainability is the property of a product, device or other asset defined as its ability to remain in good condition under the given circumstances or to be promptly returned to it through maintenance activities.
MTBF (Mean time between failures) is a quality indicator expressing the statistical reliability of a component or a system. It is a theoretical value based on statistics and laboratory tests.
Marketing micro environment includes Corporate environment, Suppliers, Providers, Target market characteristics, Competitors, Public Relations.
Market Value Ratios express how the market evaluates the past activities of the enterprise and its future outlook. They are especially important for current and future investors, showing them what rate of return can be expected from the investment.
Manipulation in interpersonal communication is the effect on humans or handling of information so that they lead to the action wanted by the manipulator. It is usually a fake or false manipulation or even fraud manipulation.
Marketing communication comprises all communication towards the the current or potential customers.
Managerial Literacy is the designation for an education in a management. It includes the knowledge of basic techniques, methods, techniques, and tools for planning, organizing, leadership, decision making or problem solving.
MTTR (Mean time to Repair) is a quality indicator that indicates the time to the first (or the next) repair or replacement. For example, the battery replacement in the device.
Project management triangle is the expression of the three basic parameters which measure the success of the project, that is the time, the project budget and the quality of project outputs.
The market value of the company is the estimated price for which it is valued an enterprise from the perspective of the market, potential investors or buyers.
The media are all means of communication, where you can something to hear, read, see or otherwise learn. (everything from newspapers to television)
Microeconomics is a branch of economics that deals with the economy of a particular entity (companies, organizations or individuals).
A milestone is a significant event or output during the project. It is the end stage output to the customer, and so on.
Merchandising is a promotion the sale of goods at retail. Its aim is to ensure that the goods were in the right place at the right time and at the right price so that the customer made the purchase decision.
Man-day (or just manday) is the working time (effort) of one person equivalent to one working day, typically 8 hours.
Management Accounting is used for effective enterprise management and its internal departments (centers). It is not regulated by any law and it is completely voluntary. Along with budgeting, it forms internal accounting.
Maintenance includes all activities of keeping equipment or assets in good condition, function and valued.
Marketing environment is an environment in which the marketing activities of the organization take place. It includes all factors that affect the enterprise, its processes, technology, business, and behavior of existing and potential customers. In essence, it’s the analogic concept of surroundings of the organization.
Moral obsolescence is the time the product is still working reliably, but it is no longer needed or not in fashion.
The concept of meritocracy is initially negative and elitist concept of power. Nowadays it is understood rather positively as an organizational arrangement.
Mergers & Acquisitions is a summary term with which we call the fusion of the organizations. Mergers may take place in two basic ways - merger or acquisition.
Middle management exists in larger organizations, it consists typically of department (and similar organizational units) managers. It forms a governing layer between top and lower management.
Multi-factor authentication is a way of verifying the identity of a person which uses two or more independent information or things that verifies the identity. It is used to protect highly sensitive information.
Management buy-in (MBI) is a situation where the majority part of the company is purchased by a management team from another company which replace the current management team.
Market segment is a group of people or businesses that have some common characteristics such as shopping preferences, age, region, interests, and so on.
Market Value is the value determined on the basis of trade between a willing seller and impartial buyer on the open market.
Monopoly is a term of economics theory and practice. It is the opposite of perfect competition. This is a situation where a single product or service is provided by the only company.
Market saturation is the level of saturation of the market, which means the ability of the customers on the market to accept yet another product offer.
Macroeconomics is a branch of economics that deals with the behavior of the economy as a whole.
MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) is an indicator that measures monthly turnover from recurring revenue.
Market potential is the maximum possible size of a market, that is to say, the revenues in the situation when 100% of customers demand a product or service.
Master data is data about resources, products, entities, places or things that includes description of properties and parameters.
Marketing costs are all costs expended by a company for promotion, presentation or other sales support of its services or products.