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Key Performance Indicators are performance indicators/metrics associated with the process, service, organizational unit or the entire organization. KPIs reflect the desired performance (quality, efficiency or economy).
Key account is designation for an important customer. Key customers are usually the ones who bring the largest revenue or are important from other reasons and therefore they are under special treatment called key account management.
KGI / Key Goal Indicators refers to pre-set indicators of process objectives (goals) that indicate what should be achieved by a process (they define an objective).
KRI (Key Risk Indicator) indicator or metric used to evaluate the levels of the risk.
Knowledge economy is the designation for a modern contemporary economic systems of developed countries, which are based on the use of knowledge for value creation and innovation.
Key is a tool that is designed to unlock the lock.
Knowledge is a term that refers to one type of resources, respectively, inputs into the production process. Knowledge is usually divided into explicit and tacit knowledge.
Kickoff meeting is the first project meeting or presentation where the project plan is discussed or presented. Furthemore the responsibility for the outputs, project organisation and project team member roles are the part of the kickoff meeting agenda as well.
Know-how is a knowledge how to do something in a good way. It is a unique knowledge without which the given thing can not be imitated.
Knowledge-creating company is one that can quickly and efficiently share knowledge, create innovation, and respond quickly to the market changes.
Keylogging is a type of cyber attack in which the attacker monitors keystrokes on your computer. For example he may record your password or other sensitive information.