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Job duties is a description of all essential activities, tasks or processes that worker on the job carries.
Job description is one of the key activities in a field of human resources management.
Job is an activity engaged in and through who earn their livelihood. We can look for a job, you can lose it. We are employed a specific position.
Joint Stock Company is the type of company whose capital is divided into a number of shares of a certain value.
Juridical person means, in most countries, a business, a company or other type of organization or legal entity incorporated according to law. Its opposite is a physical person, a human.
Job roles can be described as the roles that people play when they perform a specific job (tasks, activities) and try to achieve defined results.
Jurisdiction is a legal term for an authority granted to make pronouncements on legal matters and to administer justice within a defined area of responsibility.
A job applicant is someone who has indicated an interest in position or a job in the organization.
JIP is a czech an acronym for Unified Identity Space (Jednotný identitní prostor) a secured directory service that includes data for authentication and authorization of users within the National Registry of the Czech Republic.
Position (job) in the organizational structure is an placement of a particular employee.