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Hardware is a term that refers to the technical components of a computer or information system.
Haas (Hardware as a Service) is a term that refers to the hardware resources that are made available as services, they are dynamically scaled and their performance, or capacity is adapted to the customer’s needs.
Hoax is a label for an alarm or false message or information usually designed to trigger a chain propagation, thus extending the alarm information to the greatest number of people. Hoax can be deceptive, alarm or it can just be a joke.
Home Office is a term for an possibility to work from home. It is one of the frequently used employee benefits.
Holding Company (Parent Company) is a company that owns one or more subsidiaries, which are controlled and operated.
Holism and reductionism are two opposing approaches in the theory of systems that are used also in the theory of management.
HDD (Hard Disk Drive) is a traditional hard disk that stores data on rotating disks using a magnetic record. HDD remains the best choice in terms of price - storage capacity.
Memory is one of the basic psychological concepts. It is one of the basic psychological functions. It means the ability to capture (reception), keep (retention) and invoke (reproduction) an information.
Homeostasis is a term that in systems theory refers to the maintaing balance between interal environment of the system and its surroundings.
Human Capital Management (HCM) includes all management and human resources development processes. Sometimes it is simply referred to as human resources management.
Hypercompetition is a term that refers to a situation in the market at a time when technology or supplies of the companies are so new that standards and rules of mutual rivalry are still produced, thus, competitive advantages arise, however they are not sustainable.
A household is a designation for all people living in a single house or apartment / flat considered as a unit.
Human capital is part of an intellectual capital of the organization. includes especially people skills and tacit knowledge. This is a potential hidden in people’s heads, which may not be captured, but for the organization it is highly desirable to be able to share and use this potential.
Hierarchy of strategies describes a layout and relations of global strategy and sub-strategies of the organization.
Hot swap means replacing or connecting components of a system without having to shut it down. In other words, in-service change.
The hierarchy is the arrangement of elements in mutual superiority and subordination. Always, an element is superior to another and vice versa.
Hacktivist is an internet activist - a type of Internet attacker, primarily aimed at damaging of the reputation of companies or other institutions.
Helicopter money is monetary and economic policy of national economic (and central banks) based on printing large amounts of money and its distribution to the private sector (people and comapanies).
Hard workflow is such a workflow in which the participants must proceed only and exactly according to how the defined steps, how the workflow system allows it. Hard workflow forces participants to act uniformly. Its opposite is a soft workflow.
Hard factors of the organization's management are those elements that can be somehow formalized and implemented.
Human resources represent one type of resources, respectively inputs into the production process.