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Victor H. Vroom is a professor of management at the Yale School of Management. In 1968 he developed his own Expectancy Theory.
Author of Waterfall model
Philip B. Crosby was a businessman and author who influenced especially quality management.
Deming was inspired by Walter Shewhart´s thoughts on statistical process control methods. He continued to himself devote to this topic and to this day he is considered one of the most important persons in quality management.
Luther Gulick was a leading American expert in management and public administration.
Robert Blake was an American management theoretician, and devoted to organizational dynamics.
Walter A. Shewhart designed simple control charts, which became the basis of today's process quality control. In 1927, he met William Edward Deming and signficantly influenced him - he is the original author of the Deming Cycle.
Alfred DuPont Chandler was a professor of business history at Harvard Business School and Johns Hopkins University. He came up with a surprising finding that the organizational structure of the effective and successful businesses is proposed in connection with and on the basis of their strategy
Robert J. Sternberg is current leading cognitive psychologist and author of Triarchic theory of intelligence.
Armand Vallin Feigenbaum is an American quality control expert and businessman.