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Robert Blake was an American management theoretician, and devoted to organizational dynamics.
Douglas McGregor is the author of theory X and theory Y in the field of motivation, published in 1960.
Norbert Wiener was an American mathematician who is considered the founder of cybernetics.
Harold Koontz was a management professor and consultant. He formerly co-authored together with Heinz Weihrich the internationally acclaimed management textbook Management: A Global Perspective.
Allen Newell dedicated to the decision making and cognitive processes and their modeling using computer technology. Among other things, he is a co-author of Means-Ends Analysis.
Max Weber distinguished three types leadership (authority): Traditional, Charismatic and Legal-rational. Only the third form is considered by Weber, in his magnum opus Economy and Society, as the right one. On the basis of the thought of legal-rational authority, Weber designed a model of bureaucracy as the only correct and rational way of management of large organizations.
Anthony Athos was an American scholar, author, consultant, and teacher-lecturer. He is best known for co-authoring the book "The Art of Japanese Art".
Charles W. Hofer was a business school professor at Kennesaw State University. He is the author of numerous books, and among other things author of portfolio matrix which used for strategic portfolio decision making of the company.
Richard Pascale is a leading business consultant, scholar and co-author, together with Anthony Athos, of the bestselling book “Art of Japanese Management”, which was published in 1981.
Frederick Winslow Taylor is usually considered one of the founders of modern management and the first representative of the traditional school of management.