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Joseph Alois Schumpeter was an Austrian American economist and political scientist. Perhaps the most important Schumpeter’s idea is the concept of innovation and entrepreneurship.
Daniel M. Wegner is the leading American social psychologist and author of studies on transactive memory.
Edgar Schein devoted to organizational psychology. His key work is the study of organizational culture - he invented the term “corporate culture”.
Jacob Bernoulli was a Swiss mathematician and physicist. He was one of the mathematicians who laid the foundation of the theory of probability and mathematical analysis.
Heinz Weihrich is a professor of global management and behavioral sciences. He is the author of internationally acclaimed management textbook Management: A Global Perspective.
Henry Laurence Gantt worked as a management consultant. In addition to a Gantt chart, which was designed in 1910, he also designed a principle of performance wage and some methods of efficiency measurement and work productivity.
Thomas Robert Malthus was an English economist and Anglican pastor, who best known for his theory of population growth.
Alan Turing was a mathematician, logician, cryptanalyst and founder of modern science.
Mike Davidson is a British manager and consultant. He is an author of the book The Grand Strategist
Robert Blake was an American management theoretician, and devoted to organizational dynamics.