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What is Support Processes
Support processes are all processes whose sole purpose is to ensure the functioning of key processes and overall operations of the company.

Support Processes are all processes whose sole purpose is to ensure the functioning of core processes (main processes) and running the company itself.

What are support processes?

Since they support the main processes, they ensure the business resources in the quality and quantity needed, ensuring the quality of resource supplies or support services and covers the overall effective functioning of the organization.

For instance, support processes include:

  • Human Resource Management
  • Financial Management processes
  • Building and property management, cleaning and maintenance, Facility management
  • IT processes
  • Procurement and sourcing processes (supplier selection processes, purchasing services, purchasing materials, sourcing human and financial resources, etc.)
  • Vendor Management processes
  • Operational processes and routine operation and organization management
  • Risk Management processes
  • Security Management processes
  • Quality Management processes
  • Corporate Governance processes

Unlike core processes they are relatively similar in different types of organizations (human resource processes are similar both in the automotive company and in the bank). Support processes are usually more complex and complicated in larger companies, because more people are involved, organizational structure is taller, and so. Whereas in small companies only one person can be responsible for a particular support process or activity.

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Last update: 28.04.2019


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