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What are Strategic goals
Strategic goals is a term denoting the set of highest goals of the organization or an individual. Strategic goals are used in strategic management.

Strategic goals are the highest goals of the organization or an individual. Strategic goals are used in strategic management. Properly set strategic goals are not focused only on one metric of operation of the organization (for example, just to gain profit, but they are configured as balanced - (e.g. Balanced Scorecard).

The strategic goals of the organization are linked to its mission and formulated vision. Strategic goals may not necessarily meet the conditions and principles of SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time availability), if they are further disintegrated into the specific objectives.

What are strategic goals in the organization for?

The strategic goals are crucial to clarify its vision, which they concretize and specify outcomes. They are generally defined by the owner or top management, who is also responsible for achieving them. Strategic goals concretize the vision and help managers to manage and motivate staff at the organization, together with properly defined specific objectives.

What are strategic goals

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