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Who is Stanislaw Ulam
Stanislaw Ulam was an american mathematician - Polish Jewish origin, who was an inventor thermonuclear weapons and developed a series of mathematical theories.

Stanislaw Ulam

Stanislaw Ulam full name Stanislaw Marcin Ulam was born in Lviv to the rich Polish-Jewish family. His father was a businessman. In 1938 Stanislaw Ulam went to the USA on a scholarship at Harvard University. To his native Poland, he returned for the holidays in 1939, but had to flee with his brother back to the US before the German army. Stanislaw Ulam was responsible for the development of the hydrogen bomb in 1943. It was found, however, that the bomb had been wrongly constructed and it takes several attempts to successfully repair it. The bomb was called the Teller-Ulam design after himself and after the Hungarian physicist Edward Teller. Up to now, however, the bomb is simply called as a thermonuclear weapon. Documents describing the weapon are still top secret.

In 1965, Stanislaw Ulam became a dean of the mathematics faculty at the University of Colorado and at the same time he also becomes a government advisor.

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