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What are Specific Objectives (Specific Goals)
Specific Objectives (Specific Goals) are objectives of the organization that specifies the strategic objectives and are assigned to accountable persons in the organization.

Specific Objective (Specific Goal) is a term indicating such objectives of the organization that specify the strategic objectives and are attributable to specific responsible persons in the organization. When creating specific objectives, it is recommended to follow the principles of SMART (they are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time available).

Specific objectives follow the strategic objectives - using more specific objectives usually fulfills one strategic goal (or more strategic objectives).

Use of specific objectives in the organization: Specific objectives are used to refine the strategic objectives of the organization. They specify them and are assigned to specific persons responsible for achieving them. Specific objectives will help to get the strategy of the organization to the individual workers.

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Last update: 01.12.2015


prima saju about 1 month

The goals of the specific objectives.It is done by the accountable persons in the organizations. The various strategic management cable service providers plans and the balanced scorecard is also mentioned here. Please go through it by getting an idea.

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Jonathan Nathan 26 days

Specific Goal is like something that a person set for australian writing company. The person knows what he wants to achieve after setting up the Goals. Goals provide direction you the direction and ideas of work.

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ryan david 22 days

The team has indicated what's needed to be done on the first and it will be safe for the or not. After that, the team makes a plan and a goal about what need to do to fist.

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