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What is Social Network (in Sociology)
Social network is a sociological concept for a set of social relations between network elements that interact and that are especially individuals.

Social network is a sociological concept for a set of social relations between network elements that interact and which are in particular individuals. Social groups or teams, organizational units or whole organizations can also be network elements in the organization. Basic types of social network in the organization are:

Social network is currently very frequently used term especially in connection with the web community networks such as Facebook. This meaning of social network drowns out correct, the above described meaning.

Social Network in practice: All our function at work and in private takes place in some social networks. In every social network it is all about relations that include social interaction and social communication. Social network can be described, mapped and analyzed. The usual methods are social network analysis and sociometry. The social network in the organization forms an informal organizational structure. Its influence on the events and decision making in the organization is greater in less authoritative management styles and types of the organizations. Often in practice, the informal organizational structure is more influential on what is happening in the organization than the formal organizational structure.

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