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What is SIEM software (Security information and event management)
Security Information and Event Management Software (SIEM) is a security software that helps to capture activities in a corporate IT environment and helps to prevent attacks or fraud behavior.

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  • Security Management
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    Published at: 07/30/2012,
    Antivirus is a security software designed to protect data against attacks or risks of various forms, particularly against viruses.

    Employee and User Monitoring Software
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    Employee and User Monitoring Software allows to monitor the activities of computer (or other devices) users. It can watch what they do, what applications they are using, what websites they are visiting, to monitor and mouse activity and much more.

    IT Monitoring Software
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    IT monitoring software includes different applications for monitoring emloyee and user behavior, monitoring performance, availability and security of servers, PCs or entire network. It thus includes software for monitoring servers, networking and security software.

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