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What is Sex
Sex is in some organizations one of the favourite promotion methods.

Sex at work Sex is in some organizations is one of the favorite promotion methods. In some states it is strongly regulated by legislation because it is not among fair practices (favors attractive individuals). It is used to obtain employment, privileged status, and other employee benefits. It is also used in commercial tactics for achieving better business results in the sale of products and services. Some individuals seek it to cheer otherwise boring work. With it is associated a strong motivational factor.

Sex in practice: For sex are needed at least two people, sometimes other office animals. The fish are not suitable. It is industry-independent, but in heavy industry it is not as widespread as in services. It can be run anywhere in the organization’s premises. Offices, meeting rooms, copy centers are suitable. Open space is suitable only for group sex (sex for more people at a time) or in the event that you like having an audience during sex.

Sex isn’t usually subject to inflation or exchange rate differences, however, loses its value with increasing age.

This article is not meant seriously. It is not based on actual events and is a mere fiction. We found that sex is a very popular searched term, although it does not belong on the MM. We have prepared a New Year’s Eve article.

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Last update: 16.09.2015


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