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What is Service Management
Service is an intangible product that brings utility or value to the customer. Service Management is thus a managerial discipline focused on a customer and a service. Service management is multidisciplinary field which is related to many other management fields.

“Business services depend on the ability of the top people to give personal example and at he same time to know what goes on.”

Peter F. Drucker

The content of this section includes management methods and analytical techniques used in service management.

The term service or service management is in practice used in different ways and management levels:

  • Service in the economics - as the market sector (service sector in developed countries produce 60% of GDP)
  • Service in management as a mechanism (way) of organizational management (SOEM, SOM)
  • Service in informatics as a way information system management and development (SOA) or a way of interacting applications (web service)

Service is an intangible product that brings utility or value to the customer. Service Management is thus a managerial discipline focused on a customer and a service.

Services must be managed throughout their lifecycle. Services may take various forms, the basic principles of their management are common to all types of services. Service Management is often associated only with fields of information and communication technologies, where has at its roots (IT Service Management). Management services is related to terms, such as outsourcing, insourcing, outtasking, ASP.

Standards and frameworks in a field of service management:

Standards and norms in a field of service management:

  • ISO 20000 – ICT Service management system
  • BS 15000

Analytical techniques used in service management:

Related terms and methods:

Related industry / sector:

Related management field:

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Other information and sources (International)
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Last update: 16.11.2015


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