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What is Server
Server is a computer or a computer program (software) that provides services or performance to other computers or servers in the computer network.

Server is a term for a computer or a computer program (software) that provides services or performance to other computers or servers in the computer network. Server typically provides and shares its means to multiple devices or users connected to the same network.

Note: Colloquially the term is sometimes used for “anything that serves to multiple users in the network,” and also for web pages or portals on the Internet (e.g. “this is the official server of our company”).

What is server for in practice?

Servers are essential elements of a computer network. Using them other computers can exchange, share, store or backup data, operate a shared computer applications and run virtually anything within the computer network. Some types of servers (those that need their own powerful hardware, such as file server or application server) are operated in the server room and need large facilities, while others are in the form of a small active network element (such as print server).

Put in practice, the term server refers not only to the program itself, but also the hardware on which the program is running. In particular, the hardware manufacturers use the term server to refer to specialized, high-performance computers designed to run server programs. There are many different types of servers according to their use:

  • Application Server - is used to run applications
  • Database Server - is used to operate the database
  • File Server - is used to store files
  • Fax Server - servers to send and receive fax messages
  • Mail Server - is a server that provides e-mail communication
  • Network Server - ensures the functioning of a computer network
  • Web Server - provides operation and displaying websites
  • Print Server - coordinates the print jobs to the printer
  • Proxy Server - ensures and provides access to other networks

While previously it was determined that each server had its own hardware (server computer), currently due to the large increase in hardware performance occurs the share of the hardware performance and virtualization, as a virtual server.

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  • IT network manager
  • Server Administrator

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Last update: 26.09.2016


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