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What is Security strategy
Security Strategy is a set of medium- and long-term measures to increase safety of organizations, states, facilities, information, properties and alike.

Security Strategy is a strategic document, set of medium and long-term measures to improve security in a given area. For companies, this is one of the sub-strategies, which is mainly complemented by operational documents for asset management, human resources management and information management. In many office-based companies, the security strategy is closely linked to information security but usually it has broader scope covering physical security as well. Companies most often address the resources (assets) security, both physical security (such as security of access to buildings, to the premises), and information security, (the security of the virtual world - such as information and digital security).

The security strategy consists of three main areas:

  • Staff safety and security (concerns people and the risks they face when they work)
  • Physical security (mainly affects tangible property and everything that has some tangible appearance)
  • Information security (applies to all information, including passwords and access data)

The security strategy aims to set conditions that help protect valuable assets and help prevent or reduce security risks.

What can security strategy involve?

The company should have a security strategy protecting especially most valuable assets, because their loss or damage may cause difficulties or even the collapse of the business. Simply put, company must not lose valued people, valuable information, finance resources or any other valued property. Which reasources are the most valuable? The management of the company must know it either intuitively or by figure it out by analyzing its resources - using VRIO analysis for example. The security strategy most often concerns these topics:

  • Physical security - it means security of tangible assets, ie the security of buildings, entries into buildings and other properties
  • Security of funds and other financial resources - funds in the bank, cash and valuables
  • Safety and health of employees and other workforce, - security, health protection, fire protection etc.
  • Information security - thus protecting sensitive information and data (authentication data, personal information, business information, contract-protected information, law, etc.)
  • ICT Security (Computer Security) in terms of using and setting up hardware and software, including special resources (eg, tracking or deploying tracking and wiretapping)
  • Fraud Management

How can security strategy look like?

It is basically a set of decisions that say what methods, procedures, guidelines, standards or tools should be used to increase security. The security strategy can either comprehensive document or be very brief - it can only be a paragraph defining the use of certain security measures and policies. Almost always, the principles should cover company entrance, employee authentication (keys, entry cards, usernames, passwords) and people’s safety at the workplace.

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Last update: 04.05.2019


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