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What is Sales pitch
Sales pitch is an term for business presentation, a clear and concise business argumentation of a product or service offered to the customer.

Sales pitch is a presentation of a product or service to a customer that takes the form of a clear and concise business argumentation.

How is sales pitch in practise?

Sales pitch must be clear, concise and convincing. Therefore, it must be based on the customer’s needs and must contain a value proposition - what is the fundamental value that the speaker is offering to the customer. Ideally, the speaker should provide answers to the following questions:

  • Why am I concerned
  • What solution am I offering to the customer to answer his or her needs
  • What is my competitive advantage, my value proposition - how am I different from my competitors and what extra values am I offering in comparison to others?

Sales pitch is not reserved to customers, the same principle can be applied to “sell” an idea to other team members, employees, colleagues, etc.

A few tips to deliver a good sales pitch

  • Take time to get to know your customer and learn about his or her needs - pay attention to the customer specifics, his or her situation and the current needs. Time spent on a good preparation will pay you back because your arguments will fall on fertile ground. Do a market analysis and a competition analysis, because the more specific is your sales pitch, the better impression you will make and the more trust and credibility you will build.
  • Listen carefully to the customer, react and improvise - avoid trying to “knock down” the customer by one simple sentence. You also need to listen to what they say and respond appropriately. Every customer is a bit different. If you just stick to presenting whatever you have prepared, you will not succeed.
  • Be personal - try to follow up on something, such as where you have met in the past or something you have in common, preferably an acquaintance.

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Last update: 21.05.2018


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