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What is Ruby on Rails
Ruby on Rails is an open source framework for easy an rapid creation of advanced web applications. Ruby on Rails is written in programming language Ruby.

Ruby on Rails Ruby on Rails, or just Rails is sometimes used. It is an open source framework for easy and rapid creation of advanced web applications. Ruby on Rails is written in programming language Ruby and in Ruby it is written Rails application itself. Rails framework is designed primarily for agile web application development, i.e. with an emphasis on high productivity and ease of making changes. The development is faster and cheaper than, for example in PHP.

Ruby on Rails includes an abstraction layer for working with a database, transparent implementation of the model-view-controller architecture, built-in support for automated testing of all layers of application, code generators or console for interactive work with the application.

Ruby on Rails was created in 2004 by David Heinemeier Hansson.

Use of the Ruby on Rails in practice: Rails is used for creating web applications - due to higher programming speed it is used for the development of unique applications on demand - i.e. where it is more difficult to build a web application on any existing solution or CMS. Rails is used by companies like Apple, Oakley, The New York Times, Electronic Arts, Githhun or Yellow Pages. Projects such as Twitter, XING, Basecamp, Fluxiom and the portal were all implemented using Ruby on Rails.

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