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What is RealSense
RealSense is a technology of 3D miniature cameras built into computers or phones that can detect the position and distance of objects and precise localization of sound. RealSense is developed by Intel.

Intel RealSense - example RealSense is a technology of 3D miniature cameras integrated into the computer or phone that can detect the position and the distance of objects and precise localization of sound. RealSense is developed by Intel. Compared to previous generations of similar devices, Intel came up with the revolutionary reducing the whole device, which thus fit into conventional laptops, ultrabooks and phones.

RealSense technology consists of four main parts - the high-resolution camera, infrared transmitters, sensors and 3D microphones.

With this combination is the technology capable to evaluate the distance - what is the foreground and what is in the background, how far obejct are and where the sound comes from. RealsSense can recognize spatial images and the live from inanimate objects - therefore is able to distinguish a photograph from a living creature. RealSense can detect the position and the distance of the objects and whith the precise localization of the sound sources can also capture the voice in higher quality.

How can be used RealSense in practice? Intel Corporation Logo

Enhancing the security and user authentication

One are of RealSense use is the security. Laptop, tablet or phone can be set to your own face. Once it recognizes you and makes your authentication the system is unlocked. Instead of using passwords is everything secured by your face. For the first time now the camera can not be cheated by photos - RealSense works both with the depth of the reality and with infrared scanning.

Video conferencing, presentations and educational videos

Another use is a video conferencing and generally video editing. RealSense can detect the whole space - what or who is in the front of the camera and what is in the background. Thanks to it is possible to erase the background or replace it with any image. During a videoconference you you do not have to be disturbed with disturbing background. These features of the RealSense can be used to create educational materials and has a wide range of other industrial applications.

Augmented reality and measuring the distance of objects

Thanks to the accurate sensing of the face you can the face to transfer to any application, typically in the game. Then your favorite character can get your face.
Three-dimensional imaging also allows you to accurately measure the distance of objects and thus correctly detect and substitute the image in the real environment with new virtual object. You can use it on your phone as well. The technology allows you to see the augmented reality through your screen with the distance of each object. For example, if you are choosing a new sofa, you can find a virtual image and put it into real room and see how it will look from different angles.

Control computers with gestures

Your gestures can be used to control apps or games. The camera is so precise that it can capture even individual fingers and the direction you indicate. The technology can simultaneously handle up to ten fingers.

Voice recognition from all angles

3D microphones, which is part of the technology RealSense can capture clear sound from many different angles and can detect and filter out background sounds. This is useful mainly for voice calls but also the need voice control computers, voice is the voice is cleaner and contains less noise.

Intel RealSense - example of augmented reality

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