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What is RACI-VS Matrix
RACI-VS responsibility matrix is ised to assign and display the responsibility of individuals on processes, tasks or activities. It says who is responsible, who provides advice, who is to be informed, who verifies and sign-off the activity.

RACI-VS Matrix is used to assign and display responsibilities of individuals or jobs or tasks. In the form of a matrix structure, it assigns levels of responsibility to individual participants. RACI-VS is an acronym for the initial letters of role types. It is an extension of the classic RACi matrix with the roles Verify and Sign-off.

  • R - Responsible - who is responsible for performing the assigned task
  • A - Accountable (sometimes also Approver) - who is responsible for the whole task is responsible for what is done
  • C - Consulted - who can provide advice or consultation on the task
  • I - Informed - who should be informed about the progress of the task or decisions in the task
  • V - Verify - who should verify, it can be, for example, an independent expert, or a key user who verifies the task
  • S - Sign-off - who should sign-off the activity

What and where is the RACI-VS matrix used in practice?

It is used in the same way as the RACI matrix, it means to divide and assign responsibilities to team members in jobs, project, processes or tasks. RACI-VS is an enhancement of RACI. Although it is not part of the official PMBOK® methodology, it is sometimes used in practice in situations where additional steps, such as verification and sign-off need to be performed within the approval process.

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Last update: 11.10.2020


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