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What is Public Administration
Public administration is the core of public sector. It is a management of public affairs within the society organized into a state.

Public administration is the core of public sector. It is a management of public affairs within the society organized into a state. It is the exercise of public power in the state, which has, in the first place, the state itself and other authorized bodies.

Public power is thus divided into state power, which is performed by state administration, and the other (remaining) public power carried out by entities different from the state.

The concept of public administration has two meanings:

  • Organizational concept - it is public authorities, their organizational structure and relationships
  • Functional concept - it is a performance of public administration, particularly through the performance of subordinate and prescriptive power

Public administration is divided into:

  • State administration - it is performed by state authorities
  • Self-governance - it is performed by autonomous bodies, it is divided into:

    • Territorial self-governance - it is performed by self-government units
    • Professional and interest governance - it is performed by professional and representative bodes (e.g. chambers or associations)

In connection with the public sector, economic theory uses the concept of public goods. Public goods are one of the characteristic products of public administration, respectively public sector. However, not all public services are public goods.

Currently, within the modernization of public administration and supporting the introduction of quality in public administration by the Ministry of the Interior, in particular the following management methods:

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Last update: 30.05.2016


prima saju 11 months

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