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Who can be a Prospect
Prospect is a designation for prospective customer, i.e. someone who has somehow reacted to our marketing activity or who has shown interest in the product.

Prospect (or Sales Lead) is a designation for prospective customer. It is a concept employed in customer acquisition process (called lead management) in sales and marketing.

Who can be referred to as prospect or prospective customer in practice?

The term prospect, or prospective customer, designates a business or a person who has somehow reacted to a marketing activity and has shown a potential interest in our products or services. This can be for example a response to a marketing campaign, a click on an ad banner or the act of reading a web page or an article. In marketing and sales processes, a prospective customer is further treated in such a way as to become customer.

How to find a prospective customer?

To find a prospective customer, we need to deploy various marketing activities. Naturally, these activities will be different depending on the type of business - on what are you offering and to whom. Successful marketing activities will differ according to the types of businesses and on top of that, what works well for one company will not necessarily work for another one. To get prospective customers, you first need to identify them and then choose the right way of communication.

  • Who could be your prospective customers? Are they women, men or men of a certain age? Are they companies? If so, companies of small, medium or large size? Are they in the industry sector? Or in the sector of services? This has to be determined by market segmentation.

  • What are the right marketing activities for your market segment?

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Last update: 24.11.2017


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