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What is Process
Process is a term that is used in different meanings. In the real world there are more types of processes such as chemical process, manufacturing process, biological process, technological process, or process as an application run (software). From a management perspective the most important interpretation of the process is as a workflow or activities.

Process is a generic term for the flow of actions, states, steps, activities or work. There are more types and kinds of processes in the real world, so the designation process can be used in many situations. Therefore, it is important to know the context of what process is being spoken, otherwise there may be misunderstandings.

What are the types and types of processes?

  • Business Process - process means a flow of activities and work)
  • Production Process - process means creation of value or a product
  • System process - process means a run of a some program or a software
  • Technological process - process as flow of some tecnological steps or procedures
  • Chemical process - process means some chemical action
  • Thermodynamic process - thermodynamic process)
  • Biological process - as a biological action, e.g. evolution is a process

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Last update: 05.09.2018


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