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What is Personal Data
Personal information is any information relating to specific individuals and are sensitive in nature (eg. The date of birth, address). Dealing with such data may be given to the right to privacy in various countries and states restricted.

Personal Data or Personal Information is such information relating to a particular person and enables uniquely identify this person. A special subset is sensitive personal information (eg. Health status, address). Handling with personal data may restricted by the law of the state or the country.

What is personal data?

What exactly is considered as personal data may differ between countries and usually it is protected and specified by law. Generally personal data is such data and information, which are directly related to the specific individual and using them you can determine or divulge some confidential information that the person does not want to disclose.

Using personal information it is possible to clearly identify the human being or the employee, you can distinguish from other people or directly contant the person. Official e-mail address is considered as personal data if is issued by a company or validated by any other reliable process or issuer. Then the e-mail adress is considered as personal data because other co-workers or people can cleraly identify the owner. (in other words: free of temporary email adress is not personal information because is not clearly related to the particular person)

Usually as a personal data are considered:

  • Name and surname
  • State-issued identification information (eg. ID, Social security number, national identification number, passport number, driver’s license number etc.)
  • Sex
  • Date of birth and age
  • Personal or marital status
  • Telephone number
  • Home address
  • E-mail address (usually the company that is uniquely assignable to a specific person)
  • IP address (MAC address)
  • Id employee
  • User name (eg. For access to the application)
  • Basic biometric data - fingerprint, retina

What is sensitive personal data?

Personal data revealing state of health, genetic data, financial status or salary are designated as sensitive. Beyond the usual identification data the misuse of sensitive personal data can lead to the socially or economically harm, or which to blackmailing. As sensitive personal data are usually considered:

  • Health condition
  • Unique biological features (fingerprint, retinal image genetic characteristics)
  • Income, assets, property etc.
  • Bank data, insurance data

Sensitive personal data may also include:

  • Sexual orientation and sexual life
  • Personal and sensitive photos
  • Ethnic, racial, ethnic origin
  • Membership in organizations

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Last update: 11.03.2017


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