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Srikanth Goduru
Personal Rank 2
Agile Coach | Srikanth Goduru

Curriculum Vitae - Srikanth Goduru

Agile Coach | Srikanth Goduru
Current employment: Srikanth Goduru


With over a decade of experience in agile methodologies and project management, Sri Goduru is a transformative leader in the tech industry. Beginning as an Application Developer at TIBCO and Citizens Bank, Srikanth Goduru honed his skills in data analytics and visualization at Yahoo, contributing to innovative solutions for complex data challenges. Excelling as a Scrum Master and Product Owner, Sri’s leadership ensured streamlined processes and improved team synergy. As President of Yahoo Yapsters Toastmasters Club, Srikanth Goduru demonstrated exceptional communication and leadership. Sri’s extensive Agile expertise has benefited organizations like Anthem Inc. and Walmart, resulting in improved dynamics and successful project management. Certified as a PMP and Agile Coach, Sri embodies lifelong learning and a commitment to excellence.

Agile Coach