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Prabhakar Alok
Personal Rank 4
Prabhakar Alok Ampliz | Ampliz

Curriculum Vitae - Prabhakar Alok

Prabhakar Alok Ampliz | Ampliz
Current employment: Ampliz, Ampliz


Ampliz holds the largest set of US healthcare databases. In recent years, the US healthcare industry has been growing exponentially. In order to satisfy this increase in demand for medical services, many new clinics and hospitals have opened up all over the country. As a result of these changes, there is now an abundance of data available that can be used by marketers who are looking to get their foot in the door with healthcare companies and those working on more specialized projects as well.

With the increasing growth of artificial intelligence and technology, US healthcare lists have become the new source of data for targeted marketing. With 99.9% accuracy, Ampliz holds a large set of databases from various hospitals and medical organizations in the United States that is being constantly updated with data delivered to clients through our reliable supply chain operations. Our datasets are processed through multilevel quality checks which comprise both AI-based validation operations as well as human intelligence-based verification tasks.

Prabhakar Alok Ampliz
Lead SEO
February 2021 - Present
Skills and specializations