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Facial Skincare
Personal Rank 3
skincare tips | Skincare Products

Curriculum Vitae - Facial Skincare

skincare tips | Skincare Products
Current employment: Skincare Products


Dry skin, lack of elasticity, and other skin problems increase as we age. If you have a face-lifting device, you can take care of your face at home just like an esthetician. However, there are many different types of facial equipment, such as EMS (electrical stimulation) and RF (radio frequency). Isn't it hard to choose which one can be used for lift care?

Which product is the strongest and best buy by mybest? Here are some tips on how to choose the best face-lift device for you.

A product with a smooth head that is easy to apply to the skin received the highest rating. This includes products that are neither too large nor too small, such as the "Photo Plus EX" from Ya-Man, and products that can be applied at an angle without strain, such as the "Radiance" RF facial device from L&L Skin.

On the other hand, some monitors struggle with heads that have too much space between the electrodes, as they cannot be applied to the targeted area. You should also take a close look at the spacing of the electrodes in relation to the size of your face.

Products that are easy to use, even for the first time, such as those with illustrated instructions on how to apply the product correctly and separate buttons for each course, were highly evaluated. In order to use the product properly and feel the effects, it is important to choose a product that can be used without hesitation, especially if you are not good with machines.

Skin did not heat up properly, but the firmness was rated above average.

L&L Skin MAMI Multifunctional Hot and Cold Facial Machine is equipped with eight different facial functions, including EMS and light aesthetics. You can choose from three levels of temperature and EMS intensity.

The temperature of the skin dropped after use, and the evaluation of the warm sensation was below average. On the other hand, it received an above-average rating for firmness, saying, "I felt that my skin was firmer than usual.

There is no tingling while applying the product, and the vibrations are very fine, as if you are being tickled. Some of the monitors said that they felt it working on their facial muscles and their lips twitched. The head is large and not easy to maneuver, but it is easy to apply to the cheeks. Although there were some misrepresentations in the instruction manual, there were illustrations, simple instructions, and a clear LCD display.

skincare tips