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Dr Karen Hawk
Personal Rank 2
Clinical Psychologist | Dr Karen Hawk
Arizona, US

Curriculum Vitae - Dr Karen Hawk

Clinical Psychologist | Dr Karen Hawk
Current employment: Dr Karen Hawk
Arizona, US
Health care and social work


Dr Karen Hawk is a clinical psychologist, who specializes in psychological therapies, assessments, as well as forensic psychology. She works with teenagers, adults, and families struggling with depression, anxiety, addictions, perfectionism, OCD, infidelity, divorce, narcissism, trauma, abuse, relationship problems, self-esteem issues, and provides the psychological support that anyone needs. With a doctorate in clinical psychology, she guides individuals through the complexities of love, empowering them to break free from old patterns and cultivate lasting fulfillment. Her passion for helping others discern trustworthy partners has driven her to develop winning strategies over her extensive career. Dr Karen Hawk brings a unique perspective to her coaching practice, ensuring clients receive comprehensive support in their pursuit of happiness in relationships. Dr Karen Hawk embarked on her journey in this field by earning a bachelor's degree in psychology, advancing to a master's degree in mental health counseling, and ultimately achieving a doctoral degree in clinical psychology.

Clinical Psychologist