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Ameliya sophie
Personal Rank 2

Curriculum Vitae - Ameliya sophie

Food industry


KETOS offers a solution for measuring dissolved oxygen in water. With their system, called KETOS SHIELD, organizations can monitor over 30 water testing parameters, including dissolved oxygen, in real-time.

Dissolved oxygen is an important measure of water quality and indicates the water's ability to support aquatic life. Monitoring dissolved oxygen levels is crucial in various industries and water infrastructure scenarios. For example, water treatment plants need to measure and maintain appropriate dissolved oxygen levels to ensure the delivery of water with good taste and odor. In wastewater and sewage treatment, balancing dissolved oxygen levels is essential for the breakdown of solids by bacteria. In boilers, maintaining low dissolved oxygen levels prevents corrosion and inefficiencies.

KETOS SHIELD provides accurate monitoring for dissolved oxygen and other water testing parameters, such as inorganics, heavy metals, and environmental factors. The monitoring process is conducted through an internet-aware modular system that uploads data to a centralized operational database, allowing 24/7 access to the information.

By using KETOS SHIELD, organizations can benefit from lab-precision accuracy within a wide operating range. The installation process is seamless, and the device is interoperable, meaning it can work with existing infrastructure. KETOS ensures regular maintenance and upgrades of the device, and it can also be self-calibrated on-site for optimal performance.

Accessing real-time data from KETOS SHIELD is convenient, even when you are off-site. You can remotely view the data using your mobile device, tablet, or laptop.